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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1994 Taxation of income and wealth in a model of endogenous growthGrüner, Hans Peter; Heer, Burkhard
1994 Redistributive policy, inequality and growthGrüner, Hans Peter
1994 Bank cooperation and banking policy in a monetary union: A political-economy perspective on EMUGrüner, Hans Peter; Hefeker, Carsten
1994 Evolutionary stability of social norms in a socio-economic equilibrium modelGrüner, Hans Peter
1994 Monetary target announcements, reputation and hysteresisGrüner, Hans Peter
1995 Optimal institutions for monetary policy: Contracts, shocks and signalingGrüner, Hans Peter
1995 Political redistribution: The role of delegated lobbying and wage bargainingGrüner, Hans Peter
2002 Should central banks really be flexible?Grüner, Hans Peter
2002 Der Preis der ArbeitsmarktreformGrüner, Hans Peter
2003 Information acquisition and decision making in committees: a surveyKiel, Alexandra; Gerling, Kerstin; Schulte, Elisabeth; Grüner, Hans Peter
2003 Committees and special interestsFelgenhauer, Mike; Grüner, Hans Peter
2005 Unions, wage setting and monetary policy uncertaintyGrüner, Hans Peter; Hayo, Bernd; Hefeker, Carsten
2005 Financial integration and systemic riskFecht, Falko; Grüner, Hans Peter
2006 Limits to international banking consolidationGrüner, Hans Peter; Fecht, Falko
2007 Welfare effects of financial integrationHartmann, Philipp; Grüner, Hans Peter; Fecht, Falko
2007 Demokratie, Reform und WissenschaftGrüner, Hans Peter
2008 Financial integration, specialization and systemic riskFecht, Falko; Grüner, Hans Peter; Hartmann, Philipp
2009 Braucht die Wirtschaft eine neue Ordnungspolitik?Schäfer, Wolf; Kromphardt, Jürgen; Otremba, Walther; Diekmann, Berend; Wagner, Gert G.; Bizer, Kilian; Gubaydullina, Zulia; Grüner, Hans Peter; Thielemann, Ulrich
2009 Bad Banks: Überzeugt das Konzept der Bundesregierung?Fecht, Falko; Grüner, Hans Peter; Jäger, Manfred; Westermann, Frank
2010 Fiscal policy and growth: do financial crises make a difference?Afonso, António; Grüner, Hans Peter; Kolerus, Christina