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2010Gibrat's Law for Cities RevisitedGonzález-Val, Rafael; Lanaspa, Luis; Sanz, Fernando
2011Size Distributions for All Cities: Lognormal and q-exponential functionsGonzález-Val, Rafael; Ramos-Gutiérrez, Arturo; Sanz-Gracia, Fernando
2011What makes cities bigger and richer? New Evidence from 1990-2000 in the USGonzález-Val, Rafael
2013Sequential city growth in the US: Does age matter?Sánchez-Vidal, María; González-Val, Rafael; Viladecans-Marsal, Elisabet
2013Trade Liberalisation and Global-scale Forest TransitionGonzález-Val, Rafael; Pueyo, Fernando
2014Market Potential and Regional Economic Growth in Spain, 1860-1930González-Val, Rafael; Martínez-Galarraga, Julio; Tirado-Fabregat, Daniel A.
2014War Size Distribution: Empirical Regularities Behind the ConflictsGonzález-Val, Rafael
2014A new framework for US city size distribution: Empirical evidence and theoryGonzález-Val, Rafael; Ramos, Arturo; Sanz-Gracia, Fernando
2015The Effect of the Spanish Reconquest on Iberian CitiesCuberes, David; González-Val, Rafael
2017The long-term relationship between economic development and regional inequality: South-West Europe, 1860-2010Díez-Minguela, Alfonso; González-Val, Rafael; Martinez-Galarraga, Julio; Sanchis, M. Teresa; Tirado, Daniel A.
2018Unemployment and Marital Breakdown: The Spanish CaseGonzález-Val, Rafael; Marcén, Miriam
2018Natural resources, economic growth and geographyGonzález-Val, Rafael; Pueyo, Fernando
2022A time series analysis of judicial foreclosures in SpainGonzález-Val, Rafael
2022Market access, the skill premium and human capital in Spain (1860-1930)González-Val, Rafael; Insa-Sánchez, Pau; Martinez-Galarraga, Julio; Tirado Fabregat, Daniel A.