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2000 Family Structure and Female Labour Supply in Mexico CityGong, Xiaodong; van Soest, Arthur
2000 A Structural Labour Supply Model with Nonparametric Preferencesvan Soest, Arthur; Das, Marcel; Gong, Xiaodong
2000 Mobility in the Urban Labor Market: A Panel Data Analysis for MexicoGong, Xiaodong; van Soest, Arthur; Villagomez, Elizabeth
2000 Sexual Bias and Household Consumption: A Semiparametric Analysis of Engel Curves in Rural ChinaGong, Xiaodong; van Soest, Arthur; Zhang, Ping
2001 Wage Differentials and Mobility in the Urban Labor Market: A Panel Data Analysis for MexicoGong, Xiaodong; van Soest, Arthur
2004 Impact of Income Growth and Economic Reform on Nutrition Intake in Urban China : 1986-2000Meng, Xin; Gong, Xiaodong; Wang, Youjuan
2004 Transition Patterns for the Welfare Reliance of Low Income Mothers in AustraliaGong, Xiaodong
2005 Improving the modeling of couples' labour supplyBreunig, Robert; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Gong, Xiaodong
2005 Disagreement in partners' reports of financial difficultyBreunig, Robert; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Gong, Xiaodong; Venn, Daniella
2010 How responsive is female labour supply to child care costs: New australian estimatesGong, Xiaodong; Breunig, Robert; King, Anthony
2010 The added worker effect and the discouraged worker effect for married women in AustraliaGong, Xiaodong
2012 Estimating net child care price elasticities of partnered women with pre-school children using a discrete structural labour supply-child care modelGong, Xiaodong; Breunig, Robert
2012 Child care assistance: Are subsidies or tax credits better?Gong, Xiaodong; Breunig, Robert
2013 Channels of Labour Supply Responses of Lone Parents to Changed Work IncentivesGong, Xiaodong; Breunig, Robert
2015 Nonparametric Kernel Estimation of the Impact of Tax Policy on the Demand for Private Health Insurance in AustraliaGong, Xiaodong; Gao, Jiti
2015 Dismissal Laws in Australia: Reforms and Enforcement by Labour CourtsFreyens, Benoit Pierre; Gong, Xiaodong
2017 The Dynamics of Study-Work Choice and Its Effect on Intended and Actual University AttainmentGong, Xiaodong
2019 Inter-City Spillover and Intra-City Agglomeration Effects among Local Labour Markets in ChinaGong, Xiaodong; Gao, Jiti; Liang, Xuan