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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002Lost horizons: The noncooperative management of an evolutionary biological systemGoeschl, Timo; Swanson, Timothy M.
2003On Biology and Technology: The Economics of Managing BiotechnologiesGoeschl, Timo; Swanson, Timothy
2004Biodiversity Conservation on Private Lands: Information Problems and Regulatory ChoicesLin, Tun; Goeschl, Timo
2006Innovation Without Magic Bullets: Stock Pollution and R&D SequencesGoeschl, Timo; Perino, Grischa
2007On Backstops and Boomerangs: Environmental R&D under Technological UncertaintyGoeschl, Timo; Perino, Grischa
2011Emissionsvermeidung oder Anpassung an den Klimawandel: Welche Zukunft hat die Klimapolitik?Bardt, Hubertus; Feld, Lars P.; Konrad, Kai A.; Thum, Marcel; Buchholz, Wolfgang; Rübbelke, Dirk; Hey, Christian; Holm-Muller, Karin; Weber, Michael; Pethig, Rudiger; Weimann, Joachim; Goeschl, Timo
2011Giving in a Large Economy: Price vs. Non-Price Effects in a Field ExperimentDiederich, Johannes; Goeschl, Timo
2011Willingness to Pay for Individual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions: Evidence from a Large Field ExperimentDiederich, Johannes; Goeschl, Timo
2013The Intergenerational Transfer of Solar Radiation Management Capabilities and Atmospheric Carbon StocksGoeschl, Timo; Heyen, Daniel; Moreno-Cruz, Juan
2013Second vs. Third Party Punishment under Costly Monitoringː A New Experimental Method and EvidenceGoeschl, Timo; Jarke, Johannes
2013Non-Strategic Punishment when Monitoring is Costly: Experimental Evidence on Differences between Second and Third Party BehaviorGoeschl, Timo; Jarke, Johannes
2014Giving is a question of time: Response times and contributions to a real world public goodLohse, Johannes; Goeschl, Timo; Diederich , Johannes
2014Motivational Drivers of the Private Provision of Public Goods: Evidence From a Large Framed Field ExperimentDiederich, Johannees; Goeschl, Timo
2014Trust, but verify? When trustworthiness is observable only through (costly) monitoringGoeschl, Timo; Jarke, Johannes
2015What do we learn from public good games about voluntary climate action? Evidence from an artefactual field experimentGoeschl, Timo; Kettner, Sara Elisa; Lohse, Johannes; Schwieren, Christiane
2015Risk Assessment under Ambiguity: Precautionary Learning vs. Research PessimismHeyen, Daniel; Goeschl, Timo; Wiesenfarth , Boris
2015The Climate Policy Hold-Up: Green Technologies,Intellectual Property Rights, and the Abatement Incentives of International AgreementsGoeschl, Timo; Perino, Grischa
2015Learning by Negligence - Torts, Experimentation, and the Value of InformationGoeschl, Timo; Pfrommer, Tobias
2016Precision requirements in pesticide risk assessments: Contrasting value-of-information recommendations with the regulatory practice in the EUGoeschl, Timo; Heyen, Daniel
2016An online experiment on cooperation and groupishness across urban districtsKesternich, Martin; Goeschl, Timo; Lohse, Johannes; Römer, Daniel; Reif, Christiane