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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998Price Competition and Market Concentration: An Experimental StudyDufwenberg, Martin; Gneezy, Uri
1998An experimental investigation of optimal learning in coordination gamesBlume, Andreas; Gneezy, Uri
1998Presents or investments? An experimental analysisGneezy, Uri; Güth, Werner; Verboven, Frank
1999On the interaction of risk and time preferences: An experimental studyAnderhub, Vital; Gneezy, Uri; Güth, Werner; Sonsino, Doron
2000An experimental test of direct and indirect reciprocity in case of complete and incomplete informationDufwenberg, Martin; Gneezy, Uri; Güth, Werner; van Damme, Eric E. C.
2005Large stakes and big mistakesAriely, Dan; Gneezy, Uri; Loewenstein, George; Mazar, Nina
2009Do Women Supply more Public Goods than Men?: Preliminary Experimental Evidence from Matrilineal and Patriarchal SocietiesAndersen, Steffen; Bulte, Erwin; Gneezy, Uri; List, John A.
2011Stakes Matter in Ultimatum GamesAndersen, Steffen; Ertaç, Seda; Gneezy, Uri; Hoffman , Moshe; List, John A.
2011A field study of social learningFishman, Arthur; Gneezy, Uri
2012Relative pay and labor supplyBracha, Anat; Gneezy, Uri
2015Estimating Individual Ambiguity Aversion: A Simple ApproachGneezy, Uri; Imas, Alex; List, John A.
2016Bribery: Greed versus reciprocityGneezy, Uri; Saccardo, Silvia; van Veldhuizen, Roel
2016Everybody's doing it: On the Emergence and Persistence of Bad Social NormsSmerdon, David; Offerman, Theo; Gneezy, Uri
2016Lab in the Field: Measuring Preferences in the WildGneezy, Uri; Imas, Alex
2017Exercise improves academic performanceCappelen, Alexander W.; Charness, Gary; Ekström, Mathias; Gneezy, Uri; Tungodden, Bertil
2017A Large-Scale Field Experiment to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Paid Search AdvertisingCoviello, Lorenzo; Gneezy, Uri; Götte, Lorenz
2017Do I care if you are paid? A field experiment on charitable donationsGneezy, Uri; Rau, Holger; Samek, Anya; Zhurakhovska, Lilia
2020Bribing the SelfGneezy, Uri; Saccardo, Silvia; Serra-Garcia, Marta; van Veldhuizen, Roel
2020Cognitive Biases: Mistakes or Missing Stakes?Enke, Benjamin; Gneezy, Uri; Hall, Brian; Martin, David; Nelidov, Vadim; Offerman, Theo; van de Ven, Jeroen
2020Incentive-Based InterventionsGneezy, Uri; Kajackaite, Agne; Meier, Stephan