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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Aid for trade, foreign direct investment and export upgrading in recipient countriesGnangnon, Sèna Kimm; Roberts, Michael
2016Has the multilateral Hong Kong Ministerial decision on duty free quota free market access provided a breakthrough in the Least developed countries' export performance?Gnangnon, Sèna Kimm; Priyadarshi, Shishir
2017Does trade openness contribute to driving financing flows for development?Brun, Jean-François; Gnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2018Impact of multilateral trade liberalization on resource revenueGnangnon, Sèna Kimm; Brun, Jean-François
2019Effect of aid for trade policy and regulations on tariff policy volatility: Does institutional and governance quality matter?Gnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2019Internet and the structure of public revenue: Resource revenue versus non-resource revenueGnangnon, Sèna Kimm; Brun, Jean-François
2019Trade Policy Space and Foreign Direct Investment InflowsGnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2019Financial Development and Tax Revenue in Developing Countries: Investigating the International Trade and Economic Growth ChannelsGnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2020Development Aid, Remittances Inflows and Wages in the Manufacturing Sector of Recipient-CountriesGnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2020Aid for Trade and Services Export Diversification in Recipient-CountriesGnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2020Aid for Trade flows and Wage Inequality in the manufacturing sector of recipient-countriesGnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2020Aid for Trade, Export Product Diversification and Import Product DiversificationGnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2020Tariff Volatility and Tariff Policy in Developed and Developing CountriesGnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2020Aid for Trade flows and Poverty Reduction in Recipient-CountriesGnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2020Effect of Poverty on Services Export Concentration in Developing CountriesGnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2020Comparative Advantage Following (CAF) development strategy, Aid for Trade flows and structural change in productionGnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2021Effect of Development Aid on Productive CapacitiesGnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2021Effect of the Utilization of Non-Reciprocal Trade Preferences offered by the QUAD on Economic Growth in Beneficiary CountriesGnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2021Effect of Multilateral Trade Liberalization on Services Export DiversificationGnangnon, Sèna Kimm
2021WTO membership, the membership duration and the utilization of non-reciprocal trade preferences offered by the QUAD CountriesGnangnon, Sèna Kimm