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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008Neurorecht ohne Psychologie?: die Rolle verhaltenswissenschaftlicher Betrachtungsebenen bei der Ableitung rechtspolitischer EmpfehlungenGlöckner, Andreas
2008Modeling option and strategy choices with connectionist networks: towards an integrative model of automatic and deliberate decision makingGlöckner, Andreas; Betsch, Tilmann
2008Information processing in decisions under risk: evidence for compensatory strategies based on automatic processesGlöckner, Andreas; Herbold, Ann-Katrin
2008Can we trust intuitive jurors? An experimental analysisGlöckner, Andreas; Engel, Christoph
2008Multiple-reason decision making based on automatic processingGlöckner, Andreas; Betsch, Tilmann
2008A fine-grained analysis of the jumping to conclusions bias in schizophrenia: data-gathering, response confidence, and information integrationGlöckner, Andreas; Moritz, Steffen
2008Construction of probabilistic inferences by constraint satisfaction?Glöckner, Andreas; Betsch, Tilmann; Schindler, Nicola
2008Base-rate respect by intuition: Approximating rational choices in base-rate tasks with multiple cuesGlöckner, Andreas; Dickert, Stephan
2008How evolution outwits bounded rationality: the efficient interaction of automatic and deliberate processes in decision making and implications for institutionsGlöckner, Andreas
2008Do people make decisions under risk based on ignorance?: an empirical test of the priority heuristic against cumulative prospect theoryGlöckner, Andreas; Betsch, Tilmann
2009Sticky rebates: rollback rebates induce non-rational loyalty in consumers ; experimental evidenceMorell, Alexander; Glöckner, Andreas; Towfigh, Emanuel Vahid
2009The endowment effect in groups with and without strategic incentivesGlöckner, Andreas; Kleber, Janet; Tontrup, Stephan; Bechtold, Stefan
2009Beware of broken windows! First impressions in public-good experimentsBeckenkamp, Martin; Engel, Christoph; Glöckner, Andreas; Irlenbusch, Bernd; Hennig-Schmidt, Heike
2009Experts and decision making: first steps towards a unifying theory of decision making in novices, intermediates and expertsHerbig, Britta; Glöckner, Andreas
2009Parallel constraint satisfaction in memory-based decisionsGlöckner, Andreas; Hodges, Sara D.
2009How distinct are intuition and deliberation? An eye-tracking analysis of instruction-induced decision modesHorstmann, Nina; Ahlgrimm, Andrea; Glöckner, Andreas
2009Leading with(out) sacrifice? A public-goods experiment with a super-additive playerGlöckner, Andreas; Irlenbusch, Bernd; Kube, Sebastian; Nicklisch, Andreas; Normann, Hans-Theo
2010Role induced bias in court: An experimental analysisGlöckner, Andreas; Engel, Christoph
2010Game over: Empirical support for soccer bets regulationTowfigh, Emanuel Vahid; Glöckner, Andreas
2010The benefits of latent payback in social dilemmasGlöckner, Andreas; Kube, Sebastian; Nicklisch, Andreas