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2001The substitution of hazardous molecules in production processes: The Atrazine case study in Italian agricultureGiupponi, Carlo
2001Integrated coastal zone management in the Venice area: Potentials of the integrated participatory management approachBrochier, Frédéric; Giupponi, Carlo; Sors, Julie
2001Integrated coastal zone management in the Venice area: A methodological frameworkBrochier, Frédéric; Giupponi, Carlo
2002Multi-criteria analysis and decision-support for water management at the catchment scale: An application to diffuse pollution control in the Venice LagoonGiupponi, Carlo; Rosato, Paolo
2004An Integrated Assessment Framework for Water Resources Management: A DSS Tool and a Pilot Study ApplicationFassio, Anita; Giupponi, Carlo; Mysiak, Jaroslaw
2004Evaluation of Urban Improvement on the Islands of the Venice Lagoon: A Spatially-Distributed Hedonic-Hierarchical ApproachFassio, Anita; Breil, Margaretha; Giupponi, Carlo; Rosato, Paolo
2006Network Analysis, Creative System Modelling and Decision Support: The NetSyMoD ApproachGiupponi, Carlo; Camera, R.; Fassio, A.; Lasut, A.; Mysiak, J.; Sgobbi, A.
2006Participatory Approach in Decision Making Processes for Water Resources Management in the Mediterranean BasinGiupponi, Carlo; Mysiak, Jaroslav; Crimi, Jacopo
2007The Kyoto Protocol and the Effect of Existing and Planned Measures in the Agricultural and Forestry Sector in the EU25Giupponi, Carlo; Bosello, Francesco; Buchner, Barbara; Crimi, Jacopo; Povellato, Andrea
2007A Review of Recent Studies on Cost Effectiveness of GHG Mitigation Measures in the European Agro-Forestry SectorGiupponi, Carlo; Bosello, Francesco; Povellato, Andrea
2008Science-policy communication for improved water resources management: Contributions of the Nostrum-DSS projectDepietri, Yaella; Giupponi, Carlo
2008Participatory modelling and decision support for natural resources management in climate change researchGiupponi, Carlo; Myšiak, Jaroslav; Sgobbi, Alessandra
2010Potentials and limits of Bayesian networks to deal with uncertainty in the assessment of climate change adaptation policiesCatenacci, Michela; Giupponi, Carlo
2010A participatory approach to assess the effectiveness of responses to cope with flood riskCeccato, Lucia; Giannini, Valentina; Giupponi, Carlo
2012Integrating water resources into computable general equilibrium models: A surveyPonce, Roberto; Bosello, Francesco; Giupponi, Carlo
2023Towards a Modelling Process for Simulating Socio-ecosystems with a Focus on Climate Change AdaptationCornacchia, Federico; Martínez-Hernández, Alberto Gabino; Bidoia, Marco; Giupponi, Carlo
2023Scale decisions and good practices in socio-environmental systems modelling: Guidance and documentation during problem scoping and model formulationWang, Hsiao-Hsuan; Van Voorn, George; Grant, William E.; Zare, Fateme; Giupponi, Carlo; Steinmann, Patrick; Müller, Birgit; Elsawah, Sondoss; van Delden, Hedwig; Athanasiadis, Ioannis N.; Sun, Zhanli; Jager, Wander; Little, John C.; Jakeman, Anthony J.