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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Good governance as a concept, and why this matters for development policyGisselquist, Rachel M.
2013Evaluating governance indexes: Critical and less critical questionsGisselquist, Rachel M.
2013What can experiments tell us about how to improve governance?Gisselquist, Rachel M.; Niño-Zarazúa, Miguel
2014Ethnic heterogeneity and public goods provision in Zambia: Further evidence of a subnational 'diversity dividend'Gisselquist, Rachel M.; Leiderer, Stefan; Niño-Zarazúa, Miguel
2015"Embedded" assistance: Finn Church aid's secondment in SomaliaLepistö, Rauli S.; Gisselquist, Rachel M.; Ojala, Jussi
2015State capability and prospects for close co-ordination: Considerations for industrial policy in AfricaGisselquist, Rachel M.
2015The conceptualization and measurement of ethnic and religious divisions: Categorical, temporal, and spatial dimensions with evidence from Mindanao, the PhilippinesGisselquist, Rachel M.; McDoom, Omar S.
2017Human capital, labour market outcomes, and horizontal inequality in GuatemalaCanelas, Carla; Gisselquist, Rachel M.
2018Horizontal inequality and data challengesCanelas, Carla; Gisselquist, Rachel M.
2018Horizontal inequality as a dependent variableCanelas, Carla; Gisselquist, Rachel M.
2018Legal empowerment and group-based inequalityGisselquist, Rachel M.
2019Involuntary migration, inequality, and integration: National and subnational influencesGisselquist, Rachel M.
2020Social mobility and inequality between groupsFunjika, Patricia; Gisselquist, Rachel M.
2020Horizontal inequality, COVID-19, and lockdown readiness: Evidence from IndiaGisselquist, Rachel M.; Kundu, Anustup
2021COVID-19 and the stateGisselquist, Rachel M.; Vaccaro, Andrea
2021On the impact of inequality on growth, human development, and governanceFerreira, Ines A.; Gisselquist, Rachel M.; Tarp, Finn
2021Does aid support democracy? A systematic review of the literatureGisselquist, Rachel M.; Niño-Zarazúa, Miguel; Samarin, Melissa
2021Consolidating behavioural economics and rational choice theory: Insights from inequality researchPuzon, Klarizze Anne Martin; Gisselquist, Rachel M.
2022Aid's impact on democracyNiño-Zarazúa, Miguel; Horigoshi, Ana; Gisselquist, Rachel M.
2023The impact of affirmative action in India and the United States: A systematic literature reviewSchotte, Simone; Leone, Tharcisio; Gisselquist, Rachel M.