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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Patterns of participation: Political and social participation in 22 nationsNewton, Kenneth; Giebler, Heiko
2014 It's the responsibility, stupid! Determinanten der Verantwortlichkeitszuschreibung zwischen Europäischer Union und nationaler Regierung für die wirtschaftliche LageWagner, Aiko; Giebler, Heiko
2015 Contrasting first- and second-order electoral behaviour: determinants of individual party choice in European and German Federal electionsGiebler, Heiko; Wagner, Aiko
2016 Freedom and equality in democracies: is there a trade-off?Giebler, Heiko; Merkel, Wolfgang
2017 Knowing more from less: how the information environment increases knowledge of party positionsBanducci, Susan; Giebler, Heiko; Kritzinger, Sylvia
2018 Why Choice Matters: Revisiting and Comparing Measures of DemocracyGiebler, Heiko; Ruth, Saskia P.; Tanneberg, Dag
2019 The changing meaning of left and right: supply- and demand-side effects on the perception of party positionsGiebler, Heiko; Meyer, Thomas M.; Wagner, Markus
2019 Shifting Welfare Policy Positions: The Impact of Radical Right Populist Party Success Beyond Migration PoliticsKrause, Werner; Giebler, Heiko
2020 It’s no longer the economy, stupid! Issue yield at the 2017 German federal electionFranzmann, Simon T.; Giebler, Heiko; Poguntke, Thomas
2020 Do parties perceive their voter potentials correctly? Reconsidering the spatial logic of electoral competitionLichteblau, Josephine; Giebler, Heiko; Wagner, Aiko