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2004 Saving for Retirement: New Evidence for New ZealandScobie, Grant; Gibson, John; Le, Trinh
2004 Women's Retirement Incomes in New Zealand: A Household Bargaining ApproachGibson, John; Le, Trinh; Scobie, Grant
2005 Measures of human capital: A review of the literatureLe, Trinh; Gibson, John; Oxley, Les
2006 How important is selection? Experimental vs. non-experimental measures of the income gains from migrationMcKenzie, David; Gibson, John
2007 Housing in the Household Portfolio and Implications for Retirement Saving: Some Initial Finding from SOFIEScobie, Grant; Le, Trinh; Gibson, John
2007 A land of milk and honey with streets paved with gold: do emigrants have over-optimistic expectations about incomes abroad?McKenzie, David; Gibson, John; Stillman, Steven
2009 The impacts of international migration on remaining household members: omnibus results from a migration lottery programGibson, John; McKenzie, David; Stillman, Steven
2009 The microeconomic determinants of emigration and return migration of the best and brightest: evidence from the PacificGibson, John; McKenzie, David
2010 The economic consequences of Brain Drain of the best and brightest: Microeconomic evidence from five countriesGibson, John; McKenzie, David
2010 Natural experiment evidence on the effect of migration on blood pressure and hypertensionGibson, John; Stillman, Steven; McKenzie, David; Rohorua, Halahingano
2011 Time to vote?Gibson, John; Kim, Bonggeun; Stillman, Steven; Boe-Gibson, Geua
2011 Eight questions about brain drainGibson, John; McKenzie, David
2015 The Long-Term Impacts of International Migration: Evidence from a LotteryGibson, John; McKenzie, David; Rohorua, Halahingano; Stillman, Steven
2015 The challenge of measuring hunger through surveyDe Weerdt, Joachim; Beegle, Kathleen; Friedman, Jed; Gibson, John
2016 The Long-Term Impact of International Migration on Economic Decision-Making: Evidence from a Migration Lottery and Lab-in-the-Field ExperimentsGibson, John; McKenzie, David; Rohorua, Halahingano; Stillman, Steven
2017 The 'Soda Tax' is Unlikely to Make Mexicans Lighter: New Evidence on Biases in Elasticities of Demand for SodaAndalón, Mabel; Gibson, John
2019 What can we learn from experimenting with survey methods?De Weerdt, Joachim; Gibson, John; Beegle, Kathleen
2020 Night lights in economics: Sources and usesGibson, John; Olivia, Susan; Boe-Gibson, Geua
2020 Measuring macro- and micronutrient intake in multi-purpose surveys: Evidence from a survey experiment in TanzaniaAmeye, Hannah; De Weerdt, Joachim; Gibson, John