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2002 Comparative appraisal of multilateral and bilateral approaches to financing private sector development in developing countriesGibbon, Peter; Schulpen, Lau
2006 An overview of the certified organic export sector in UgandaGibbon, Peter
2007 The economics of certified organic farming in tropical Africa: A preliminary assessmentGibbon, Peter; Bolwig, Simon
2007 Agro-commodity dependence and recent trends in agro-commodity marketsGibbon, Peter
2007 The economic impact of a ban on imports of air freithed organic products to the UKGibbon, Peter; Bolwig, Simon
2008 Rules of origin and the European Union's preferential trade agreements, with special reference to the EU-ACP Economic Partnership AgreementsGibbon, Peter
2009 Revenue effects of participation in smallholder organic cocoa production in tropical Africa: A case studyGibbon, Peter; Lin, Yumiao; Jones, Sam
2011 Pro-poor growth through export sector support: What works where and why?Nielsen, Henrik; Gibbon, Peter
2011 Experiences of plantation and large-scale farming in 20th century AfricaGibbon, Peter
2013 Commodity derivatives: Financialization and regulatory reformGibbon, Peter
2014 Trading Houses during and since the Great Commodity Boom: Financialization, productivization or…?Gibbon, Peter
2014 Labour markets for irrigated agriculture in central Ethiopia: Wage premiums and segmentationWendimu, Mengistu Assefa; Gibbon, Peter
2014 Policies and finance for economic development and tradeGibbon, Peter; Hambloch, Caroline; Pedersen, Rasmus Hundsbæk; Therkildsen, Ole
2015 Sugarcane outgrowers in Ethiopia: 'Forced' to remain poor?Wendimu, Mengistu Assefa; Henningsen, Arne; Gibbon, Peter
2017 US trade policy under Trump: Assessing the unilaterist turnGibbon, Peter; Vestergaard, Jakob