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1995 Change in the division of domestic work: Micro-sociological evidenceGershuny, Jonathan
2000 Exploring new ground for using the Multinational Time Use StudyFisher, Kimberly; Gershuny, Jonathan; Gauthier, Anne H.; Victorino, Charlemaigne
2000 Examining working time arrangements using time use survey dataHarvey, Andrew; Fisher, Kimberly; Gershuny, Jonathan; Akbari, Ather
2001 Social structure and life chancesGershuny, Jonathan
2001 Cross-national changes in time-use: some sociological (hi)stories re-examinedSullivan, Oriel; Gershuny, Jonathan
2002 Web-use and net-nerds: a neo-functionalist analysis of the impact of information technology in the homeGershuny, Jonathan
2002 Beating the odds (1): intergenerational social mobility from a human capital perspectiveGershuny, Jonathan
2002 Wealth: its use, level, inheritance and change: in relation to human capitalGershuny, Jonathan
2002 A new measure of social position: social mobility and human capital in BritainGershuny, Jonathan
2002 Beating the odds (2): a new index of intergenerational social mobilityGershuny, Jonathan
2003 Time, through the lifecourse, in the familyGershuny, Jonathan
2005 Time allocation and the comprehensive accounting of economic activityGershuny, Jonathan
2005 Busyness as the badge of honour for the new superordinate working classGershuny, Jonathan
2005 What do we do in post-industrial society? the nature of work and leisure time in the 21st centuryGershuny, Jonathan
2005 American time use 1965-2003: the construction of a historical comparative file, and consideration of its usefulness in the construction of extended national accounts for the USAEgerton, Muriel; Fisher, Kimberly; Gershuny, Jonathan
2006 Human capital and social position in Britain: creating a measure of wage-earning potential from BHPS dataKan, Man Yee; Gershuny, Jonathan
2006 Gender convergence in the American Heritage Time Use Study (AHTUS)Fisher, Kimberly; Egerton, Muriel; Gershuny, Jonathan; Robinson, John P.
2006 Infusing time diary evidence into panel data: an exercise in calibrating time-use estimates for the BHPSKan, Man Yee; Gershuny, Jonathan
2009 Income poverty and income support for minority and immigrant children in rich countriesSmeeding, Timothy M.; Robson, Karen; Wing, Coady; Gershuny, Jonathan
2009 Time Budgets and Time UseHarms, Teresa; Gershuny, Jonathan