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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Imperfect Competition, General Equilibrium and UnemploymentGersbach, Hans; Schniewind, Achim
1999 Fiscal ConstitutionsGersbach, Hans
2000 Emission Taxes and the Design of Refunding SchemesGersbach, Hans; Requate, Till
2001 A Product Market Theory of Worker TrainingGersbach, Hans; Schutzler, Armin
2001 Awareness of General Equilibrium Effects and UnemploymentGersbach, Hans; Schniewind, Achim
2001 Child Labor and the Education of a SocietyBell, Clive; Gersbach, Hans
2001 Product Market Reforms and Unemployment in EuropeGersbach, Hans; Schniewind, Achim
2001 The Funds Concentration Effect and Discriminatory BailoutErlenmaier, Ulrich; Gersbach, Hans
2001 Should the Individual Voting Records of Central Bankers be Published?Hahn, Volker; Gersbach, Hans
2001 Voting Transparency and Conflicting Interests in Central Bank CouncilsHahn, Volker; Gersbach, Hans
2001 Default probabilities and default correlationsErlenmaier, Ulrich; Gersbach, Hans
2001 Learning of General Equilibrium Effects and the Unemployment TrapGersbach, Hans; Schniewind, Achim
2001 Reelection Threshold Contracts in PoliticsGersbach, Hans; Liessem, Verena
2001 Flexible Majority RulesErlenmaier, Ulrich; Gersbach, Hans
2001 The Dynamics of Deposit Insurance and the Consumption TrapGersbach, Hans; Wenzelburger, Jan
2001 Competition of Politicians for Incentive Contracts and ElectionsGersbach, Hans
2002 Uneven Technical Progress and UnemploymentGersbach, Hans; Schniewind, Achim
2002 Financing DemocracyGersbach, Hans; Liessem, Verena
2002 Financial Intermediation and the Creation of Macroeconomic RisksGersbach, Hans
2002 Democratic Mechanisms: Double Majority Rules and Flexible Agenda CostsGersbach, Hans