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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Die Rolle des Vermögens in der GeldnachfrageGerdesmeier, Dieter
1996 The role of wealth in money demandGerdesmeier, Dieter
2002 Estimating the trend of M3 income velocity underlying the reference value for monetary growthBrand, Claus; Gerdesmeier, Dieter; Roffia, Barbara
2003 Empirical estimates of reaction functions for the euro areaGerdesmeier, Dieter; Roffia, Barbara
2004 Taylor rules for the euro area: the issue of real-time dataGerdesmeier, Dieter; Roffia, Barbara
2004 The relevance of real-time data in estimating reaction functions for the Euro areaGerdesmeier, Dieter; Roffia, Barbara
2005 Measures of excess liquidityPolleit, Thorsten; Gerdesmeier, Dieter
2006 Monetary policy rules in the pre-EMU era: Is there a common rule?Eleftheriou, Maria; Gerdesmeier, Dieter; Roffia, Barbara
2007 The Eurosystem, the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan: similarities and differencesGerdesmeier, Dieter; Mongelli, Francesco Paolo; Roffia, Barbara
2007 Monetary analysis: a VAR perspectiveGerdesmeier, Dieter; Roffia, Barbara
2009 Asset price misalignments and the role of money and creditGerdesmeier, Dieter; Roffia, Barbara; Reimers, Hans-Eggert
2010 Asset price misalignments and the role of money and creditGerdesmeier, Dieter; Reimers, Hans-Eggert; Roffia, Barbara
2012 An alternative method for identifying booms and busts in the euro area housing marketGerdesmeier, Dieter; Lenarčič, Andreja; Roffia, Barbara
2013 Testing for the existence of a bubble in the stock marketGerdesmeier, Dieter; Reimers, Hans-Eggert; Roffia, Barbara
2015 Consumer and asset prices: Some recent evidenceGerdesmeier, Dieter; Reimers, Hans-Eggert; Roffia, Barbara
2016 Re-vitalizing money demand in the euro area: Still valid at the zero lower boundDreger, Christian; Gerdesmeier, Dieter; Roffia, Barbara