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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Argentina's Distributional Failure: The role of Integration and Public PoliciesGasparini, Leonardo
2003 Income Inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean: Evidence from Household SurveysGasparini, Leonardo
2003 Tracing out the Effects of Demographic Changes on the Income Distribution. The Case of Greater Buenos Aires 1980-2000Marchionni, Mariana; Gasparini, Leonardo
2004 Implicit Rents from Own-Housing and Income Distribution: Econometric Estimates for Greater Buenos AiresGasparini, Leonardo; Escudero, Walter Sosa
2004 Capital Accumulation, Trade Liberalization and Rising Wage Inequality: The Case of ArgentinaGasparini, Leonardo; Acosta, Pablo
2004 Simulating Income Distribution Changes in Bolivia: a Microeconometric ApproachGasparini, Leonardo; Marchionni, Mariana; Gutierrez, Federico
2005 Ethnicity and the Millennium Development Goals in Latin America and the CaribbeanBusso, Matías; Cicowiez, Martín; Gasparini, Leonardo
2005 Growth and Income Poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean: Evidence from Household SurveysGasparini, Leonardo; Gutiérrez, Federico; Tornarolli, Leopoldo
2005 Trade and Labor Outcomes in Latin America's Rural Areas: A Cross-Household Surveys ApproachGasparini, Leonardo; Gutiérrez, Federico; Porto, Guido G.
2005 Assessing Benefit-Incidence Results Using Decompositions: The Case of Health Policy in ArgentinaGasparini, Leonardo
2005 Meeting the Poverty-Reduction MDG in the Southern ConeGasparini, Leonardo; Cicowiez, Martín
2005 Equality of Opportunity and Optimal Cash and In-Kind PoliciesGasparini, Leonardo; Pinto, Santiago
2005 Protección Social y Empleo en América Latina: Estudio sobre la Base de Encuestas de HogaresGasparini, Leonardo
2006 Economic Polarisation in Latin America and the Caribbean: What do Household Surveys Tell Us?Gasparini, Leonardo; Horenstein, Matías; Olivieri, Sergio
2006 Areas Rurales y Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio en America Latina y el CaribeCicowiez, Martín; Gasparini, Leonardo; Gutierrez, Federico; Tornarolli, Leopoldo
2006 Income Distribution, Institutions and Conflicts: An Exploratory Analysis for Latin America and the CaribbeanGasparini, Leonardo; Molina, Ezequiel
2006 Distribución del Ingreso en América Latina: Explorando las Diferencias entre PaísesGasparini, Leonardo; Haimovich, Francisco; Winkler, Hernán
2007 Poverty among the Elderly in Latin America and the CaribbeanGasparini, Leonardo; Alejo, Javier; Haimovich, Francisco; Olivieri, Sergio; Tornarolli, Leopoldo
2007 Políticas Públicas y Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio en la ArgentinaCicowiez, Martín; Gresia, Luciano Di; Gasparini, Leonardo
2007 Labor Informality Effects of a Poverty-Alleviation ProgramGasparini, Leonardo; Haimovich, Francisco; Olivieri, Sergio