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2015Beyond minerals: China-Latin American Trans-Pacific supply chainFung, Kwok-chiu; García Herrero, Alicia; Seade, Jesús
2018European and Chinese trade competition in third markets: The case of Latin AmericaGarcía Herrero, Alicia; Marbach, Thibault; Xu, Jianwei
2018How big is China's digital economy?García Herrero, Alicia; Xu, Jianwei
2019How does China fare on the Russian market? Implications for the European UnionGarcía Herrero, Alicia; Xu, Jianwei
2019Countries' perceptions of China's Belt and Road Initiative: A big data analysisGarcía Herrero, Alicia; Xu, Jianwei
2019Europe in the midst of China-US strategic competition: What are the European Union's options?García Herrero, Alicia
2020COVID-19's reality shock for external-funding dependent emerging economiesGarcía Herrero, Alicia; Ribakova, Elina
2020Deglobalisation in the context of United States-China decouplingGarcía Herrero, Alicia; Tan, Junyu
2021China's state-owned enterprises and competitive neutralityGarcía Herrero, Alicia; Ng, Gary
2021Why are Latin American crises deeper than those in Emerging Asia, including that of COVID-19?García Herrero, Alicia
2022Promotion of high capacity broadband to rebuild and recover from the pandemicMarcus, J. Scott; García Herrero, Alicia; Guetta-Jeanrenaud, Lionel
2022Lessons for Europe from China's quest for semiconductor self-relianceGarcía Herrero, Alicia; Weil, Pauline
2023China's quest for innovation: Progress and bottlenecksGarcía Herrero, Alicia; Schindowski, Robin
2023Can Chinese growth defy gravity?García Herrero, Alicia
2023Global trends in countries' perceptions of the Belt and Road InitiativeGarcía Herrero, Alicia; Schindowski, Robin
2024Potential geoeconomic and geopolitical consequences of an expanded BRICSGarcía Herrero, Alicia