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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Multi-Market Competition and Coordination in GamesGanslandt, Mattias
2000 E-commerce and prices: Theory and evidenceFriberg, Richard; Ganslandt, Mattias; Sandström, Mikael
2001 National Standards and International TradeGanslandt, Mattias; Markusen, James R.
2001 Parallel Imports of Pharmaceutical Products in the European UnionGanslandt, Mattias; Maskus, Keith E.
2001 Developing and Distributing Essential Medicines to Poor Countries: The DEFEND ProposalGanslandt, Mattias; Maskus, Keith E.; Wong, Eina V.
2001 Pricing Strategies in E-Commerce: Bricks vs. ClicksFriberg, Richard; Ganslandt, Mattias; Sandström, Mikael
2001 Strategic Investment and Market IntegrationGanslandt, Mattias
2003 Bottled Water - A Case of Pointless Trade?Friberg, Richard; Ganslandt, Mattias
2004 Parallel Import and the Pricing of Pharmaceutical Products: Evidence from the European UnionGanslandt, Mattias; Maskus, Keith E.
2004 Do Mergers Result in Collusion?Ganslandt, Mattias; Norbäck, Pehr-Johan
2005 Reciprocal dumping with Bertrand competitionFriberg, Richard; Ganslandt, Mattias
2005 Reciprocal Dumping with Bertrand CompetitionFriberg, Richard; Ganslandt, Mattias
2005 Vertical Distribution, Parallel Trade, and Price Divergence in Integrated MarketsGanslandt, Mattias; Maskus, Keith E.
2007 Wholesale price discrimination and parallel importsGanslandt, Mattias; Maskus, Keith E.
2007 Intellectual Property Rights and Competition PolicyGanslandt, Mattias
2007 Asymmetric Collusion and Merger PolicyGanslandt, Mattias; Persson, Lars; Vasconcelos, Helder
2007 Intellectual Property Rights, Parallel Imports and Strategic BehaviorMaskus, Keith E.; Ganslandt, Mattias
2007 Wholesale Price Discrimination and Parallel ImportsGanslandt, Mattias; Maskus, Keith E.