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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1994 Migration, Human Capital Formation, and Long-Run OutputGalor, Oded; Stark, Oded
2000 Das Human KapitalGalor, Oded; Moav, Omer
2000 Natural selection and the origin of economic growthGalor, Oded; Moav, Omer
2003 Land inequality and the origin of divergence and overtaking in the growth process: Theory and evidenceGalor, Oded; Moav, Omer; Vollrath, Dietrich
2003 Trading population for productivityGalor, Oded; Mountford, Andrew
2004 Natural selection and the evolution of life expectancyGalor, Oded; Moav, Omer
2004 The demographic transition and the emergence of sustained economic growthGalor, Oded
2004 From stagnation to growth: Unified growth theoryGalor, Oded
2005 Land inequality and the emergence of human capital promoting institutionsGalor, Oded; Moav, Omer; Vollrath, Dietrich
2006 Economic growth in the very long-runGalor, Oded
2006 Trade and the great divergence: The family connectionGalor, Oded; Mountford, Andrew
2006 Human capital, fertility and growthGalor, Oded
2006 The demographic transitionGalor, Oded
2006 Inequality in land ownership, the emergence of human capital promoting institutions, and the great divergenceGalor, Oded; Moav, Omer; Vollrath, Dietrich
2006 Darwinian evolution of entrepreneurial spirit and the process of developmentGalor, Oded; Michalopoulos, Stelios
2007 The neolithic revolution and contemporary variations in life expectancyGalor, Oded; Moav, Omer
2007 Multiple growth regimes: Insights from unified growth theoryGalor, Oded
2007 Cultural assimilation, cultural diffusion and the origin of the wealth of nationsAshraf, Quamrul; Galor, Oded
2008 Human genetic diversity and comparative economic developmentAshraf, Quamrul; Galor, Oded
2008 Dynamics and stagnation in the Malthusian epoch: Theory and evidenceAshraf, Quamrul; Galor, Oded