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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 The effect of a large expansion of pre-primary school facilities on preschool attendance and material employmentBerlinski, Samuel; Galiani, Sebastian
2006 Giving children a better start: Pre-school attendance and school-age profilesBerlinski, Samuel; Galiani, Sebastian; Manacorda, Marco
2006 The effect of pre-primary education on primary school performanceBerlinski, Samuel; Galiani, Sebastian; Gertler, Paul
2006 Crime Distribution and Victim Behavior during a Crime WaveTella, Rafael Di; Galiani, Sebastian; Schargrodsky, Ernesto
2007 Giving children a better start: Preschool attendance and school-age profilesBerlinski, Samuel; Galiani, Sebastian; Manacorda, Marco
2007 Modeling Informality Formally: Households and FirmsGaliani, Sebastian; Weinschelbaum, Federico
2007 Land-Rich Economies, Education and Economic DevelopmentGaliani, Sebastian; Heymann, Daniel; Dabus, Carlos; Tohme, Fernando
2007 The educational gender gap in Latin America and the CaribbeanDuryea, Suzanne; Galiani, Sebastian; Ñopo, Hugo; Piras, Claudia
2008 Housing, Health and HappinessCattaneo, Matias; Galiani, Sebastian; Gertler, Paul; Martinez, Sebastian; Titiunik, Rocio
2009 Reducing Poverty in Latin America and the CaribbeanGaliani, Sebastian
2009 Preschool and maternal labor market outcomes: Evidence from a regression discontinuity designBerlinski, Samuel; Galiani, Sebastian; McEwan, Patrick J.
2010 Payroll Taxes, Wages and Employment: Identification through Policy ChangesCruces, Guillermo; Galiani, Sebastian; Kidyba, Susana
2010 Social Mobility: What is it and why does it matter?Galiani, Sebastian
2010 Property Rights for the Poor: Effects of Land TitlingGaliani, Sebastian; Schargrodsky, Ernesto
2010 Catastrophic Natural Disasters and Economic GrowthCavallo, Eduardo; Galiani, Sebastian; Noy, Ilan; Pantano, Juan
2010 Conscription and crime: evidence from the Argentine draft lotteryGaliani, Sebastian; Rossi, Martín A.; Schargrodsky, Ernesto
2011 The dynamics of land titling regularization and market developmentGaliani, Sebastian; Schargrodsky, Ernesto
2013 School Management in Developing CountriesGaliani, Sebastian; Perez-Truglia, Ricardo
2013 The Heterogeneous Impact of Conditional Cash TransfersGaliani, Sebastian; McEwan, Patrick J.
2014 On the Distributive Costs of Drug-Related HomicidesAjzenman, Nicolas; Galiani, Sebastian; Seira, Enrique