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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997The impact of financing constraints on markups: Theory and evidence from Italian firm level dataBottasso, Anna; Galeotti, Marzio; Sembenelli, Alessandro
1997Production smoothing and the shape of the cost functionGaleotti, Marzio; Guiso, Luigi; Sack, Brian; Schiantarelli, Fabio
1998The double dividend issue: Modeling strategies and empirical findingsBosello, Francesco; Carraro, Carlo; Galeotti, Marzio
1999Richer and cleaner? A study on carbon dioxide emissions in developing countriesGaleotti, Marzio; Lanza, Alessandro
1999Desperately Seeking (Environmental) KuznetsGaleotti, Marzio; Lanza, Alessandro
2000Moving skills from hands to heads: Import of technology and export performanceBarba Navaretti, Giorgio; Galeotti, Marzio; Mattozzi, Andrea
2000Emission trading restrictions with endogenous technological changeGaleotti, Marzio; Buonanno, Paolo; Carraro, Carlo; Castelnuovo, Efrem
2001Endogenous induced technical change and the costs of KyotoBuonanno, Paolo; Carraro, Carlo; Galeotti, Marzio
2001Capital heterogeneity: Does it matter? Fundamental Q and investment on a panel of Italian firmsBontempi, Elena; Del Boca, Alessandra; Franzosi, Alessandra; Galeotti, Marzio; Rota, Paola
2001Desperately seeking (environmental) Kuznets: A new look at the evidenceGaleotti, Marzio; Lanza, Alessandro; Pauli, Francesco
2002Inventories, Employment and HoursGaleotti, Marzio; Maccini, Louis J.; Schiantarelli, Fabio
2002Inventories, employment and hoursGaleotti, Marzio; Maccini, Louis J.; Schiantarelli, Fabio
2002Rockets and feathers revisited: An international comparison on European gasoline marketsGaleotti, Marzio; Lanza, Alessandro; Manera, Matteo
2002Inventories, employment and hoursGaleotti, Marzio; Maccini, Louis J.; Schiantarelli, Fabio
2003Environment and Economic Growth: Is Technical Change the Key to Decoupling?Galeotti, Marzio
2003Learning by Doing vs Learning by Researching in a Model of Climate Change Policy AnalysisGaleotti, Marzio; Vergalli, Sergio; Castelnuovo, Efrem; Gambarelli, Gretel
2003Economic Development and Environmental ProtectionGaleotti, Marzio
2003Non-convexities in the Adjustment of Different Capital Inputs: A Firm-level InvestigationDel Boca, Alessandra; Galeotti, Marzio; Rota, Paola
2003Climate Policy and Economic Growth in Developing CountriesBuchner, Barbara; Galeotti, Marzio
2004Weather Impacts On Natural, Social And Economic System (WISE) Part I: Sectoral Analysis of Climate Impacts in ItalyGaleotti, Marzio; Goria, Alessandra; Mombrini, Paolo; Spantidaki, Evi