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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Unemployment, Inflation and the Job StructureGalbraith, James K.
1997 Dangerous metaphor: The fiction of the labor market ; unemployment, inflation, and the job structureGalbraith, James K.
1998 Constructing Long and Dense Time-Series of Inequality Using the Theil IndexConceicao, Pedro; Galbraith, James K.
1998 The American wage structure: 1920 - 1947Ferguson, Thomas; Galbraith, James K.
2003 What is the American model really about? Soft budgets and the Keynesian devolutionGalbraith, James K.
2005 Breaking out of the deficit trap: The case against the fiscal hawksGalbraith, James K.
2006 Maastricht 2042 and the fate of Europe: Toward convergence and full employmentGalbraith, James K.
2007 The Fed's real reaction function: monetary policy, inflation, unemployment, inequality and presidential politicsGalbraith, James K.; Giovannoni, Olivier; Russo, Ann J.
2009 The case against intergenerational accounting: The accounting campaign against social security and MedicareGalbraith, James K.; Wray, L. Randall; Mosler, Warren
2009 Financial and monetary issues as the crisis unfoldsGalbraith, James K.
2010 The great crisis and the American responseGalbraith, James K.
2015 The UTIP global inequality datasets: 1963-2008Galbraith, James K.; Halbach, BĂ©atrice; Malinowska, Aleksandra; Shams, Amin; Zhang, Wenjie
2016 Causes of Changing Inequality in the WorldGalbraith, James K.
2018 Backwater economics and new pragmatism: Crises and evolution of economicsGalbraith, James K.