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1999 Cooperation and Punishment in Public Goods ExperimentsFehr, Ernst; Gaechter, Simon
2000 Fairness and Retaliation: The Economics of ReciprocityFehr, Ernst; Gaechter, Simon
2001 Reputation or Reciprocity? An Experimental InvestigationGaechter, Simon; Falk, Armin
2002 Moral Property Rights in BargainingGaechter, Simon; Riedl, Arno
2010 Moral judgments in social dilemmas: How bad is free riding?Cubitt, Robin P.; Drouvelis, Michalis; Gaechter, Simon; Kabalin, Ruslan
2014 Human Pro-Social Motivation and the Maintenance of Social OrderGaechter, Simon
2014 Peer Effects and Social Preferences in Voluntary CooperationThöni, Christian; Gaechter, Simon
2014 Leaders as Role Models for the Voluntary Provision of Public GoodsGaechter, Simon; Renner, Elke
2014 Growth and inequality in public good gamesGaechter, Simon; Mengel, Friederike; Tsakas, Elias; Vostroknutov, Alexander
2015 Conditional Cooperation and Betrayal AversionCubitt, Robin P.; Gaechter, Simon; Quercia, Simone
2015 Combining "Real Effort" with Induced Effort Costs: The Ball-Catching TaskGaechter, Simon; Huang, Lingbo; Sefton, Martin
2017 Disappointment Aversion and Social Comparisons in a Real-Effort CompetitionGaechter, Simon; Huang, Lingbo; Sefton, Martin
2017 The Importance of Peers for Compliance with Norms of Fair SharingGaechter, Simon; Gerhards, Leonie; Nosenzo, Daniele
2020 Observability, Social Proximity, and the Erosion of Norm ComplianceBicchieri, Cristina; Dimant, Eugen; Gaechter, Simon; Nosenzo, Daniele