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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Imperfectly observable commitments in n-player gamesGüth, Werner; Kirchsteiger, Georg; Ritzberger, Klaus
1997 Specific institutional aspects of international cooperation: A game theoretic accountGüth, Werner
1997 Indirect evolution versus strategic delegation: A comparison of two approaches to explaining economic institutionsDufwenberg, Martin; Güth, Werner
1997 Trust in the shadow of the courts if judges are no betterBrennan, Geoffrey; Güth, Werner; Kliemt, Hartmut
1998 The relevance of equal splits: On a behavioral discontinuity in ultimatum gamesGüth, Werner; Huck, Steffen; Müller, Wieland
1998 Preemption in capacity and price determination: A study of endogenous timing of decisions for homogeneous marketsGüth, Sandra; Güth, Werner
1998 Sequential versus independent commitment: An indirect evolutionary analysis of bargaining rulesGüth, Werner
1998 Do banks crowd in or out business ethics? An indirect evolutionary analysisGüth, Werner
1998 A psychological approach to individual differences in intertemporal consumption patternsBrandstätter, Hermann; Güth, Werner
1998 Employment duration and resistance to wage reductions: Experimental evidenceBurda, Michael C.; Güth, Werner; Kirchsteiger, Georg; Uhlig, Harald
1998 Will banks promote trade? Equilibrium selection for the trust game with banksGüth, Werner; Ockenfels, Peter
1998 Indirect Evolution versus Strategic Delegation: A Comparison of Two Approaches to Explaining Economic InstitutionsDufwenberg, Martin; Güth, Werner
1998 Species survival and evolutionary stability in sustainable habitats: The concept of ecological stabilityAumann, Robert J.; Güth, Werner
1998 Presents or investments? An experimental analysisGneezy, Uri; Güth, Werner; Verboven, Frank
1998 Co-evolution of preferences and information in simple games of trustGüth, Werner; Kliemt, Hartmut; Peleg, Bezalel
1999 How competition in investing, hiring, and selling affects (un)employment: An analysis of equilibrium scenarioBerninghaus, Siegfried; Güth, Werner; Ramser, Hans Jürgen
1999 On the interaction of risk and time preferences: An experimental studyAnderhub, Vital; Gneezy, Uri; Güth, Werner; Sonsino, Doron
1999 Learning to bid: An experimental study of bid function adjustments in auctions and fair division gamesGüth, Werner; Ivanova, Radosveta; Königstein, Manfred; Strobel, Martin
1999 Prior dispositions and actual behavior in dictator and ultimatum gamesBrandstätter, Hermann; Güth, Werner; Himmelbauer, Judith; Kriz, Willy
1999 Please, marry me!: An experimental study of risking a joint ventureGüth, Werner; Ivanova-Stenzel, Radosveta; Tjotta, Sigve