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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997Measuring sectoral patterns of US investment in EU member countries, 1983 - 1994Görg, Holger; Ruane, Frances P.
1997Reflections on Irish industrial policy towards foreign direct investmentGörg, Holger; Ruane, Frances P.
1998Linkages between multinationals and indigenous firms: evidence for the electronics sector in IrelandGörg, Holger; Ruane, Frances P.
1998Analysing foreign market entry: the choice between greenfield investment and acquisitionsGörg, Holger
1998Multinational companies and wage inequality in the host country: the case of IrelandFigini, Paolo; Görg, Holger
1999Multinational companies and wage inequality in the host country: the case of IrelandFigini, Paolo; Görg, Holger
1999European integration and peripherality: are there lessons from Ireland?Görg, Holger; Ruane, Frances P.
1999Globalisation and fragmentation: Evidence for the electronics industry in IrelandGörg, Holger; Ruane, Frances P.
2000Fragmentation and trade: US inward processing trade in the EUGörg, Holger
2000Multinational companies, technology spillovers and firm survival: evidence from Irish manufacturingGörg, Holger; Strobl, Eric
2000Multinational companies and the development of firm start-up size: evidence from quantile regressions for IrelandGörg, Holger; Strobl, Eric
2000[Book Review of] Investment, growth and employment: perspectives for policy, Ciaran Driver ... (eds.): London, Routledge, 1999Görg, Holger
2000Multinationals companies and productivity spillovers: a meta-analysis with a test for publication biasGörg, Holger; Strobl, Eric
2000The determinants of firm start-up size: a comparison of Ireland and PortugalGörg, Holger; Strobl, Eric; Ruane, Frances P.
2000Multinational companies and indigenous development: an empirical analysisGörg, Holger; Strobl, Eric
2000Multinational enterprises and new trade theory: evidence for the convergence hypothesisBarrios Cobos, Salvador; Görg, Holger; Strobl, Eric
2001Footloose multinationals?Görg, Holger; Strobl, Eric
2001Outward FDI and the investment development path of a late-industrialising economy: Evidence from IrelandBarry, Frank; Görg, Holger; MacDowell, Andrew
2001Blessing or curse? Domestic plants survival and employment prospects after foreign acquisitionGirma, Sourafel; Görg, Holger
2001Foreign direct investment, agglomerations and demonstration effects: An empirical investigationBarry, Frank; Görg, Holger; Strobl, Eric