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1997 MESC (Marginal Effective Statutory Charge), an extension of King-Fullerton methodologyGérard, Marcel; Beauchot, Laurence; Jamaels, Sylvie; Valenduc, Christian
2002 Tax Competition, the Distribution of MNE's Ownership and the Wage Formation ProcessGérard, Marcel
2002 Interjurisdictional Company Taxation in Europe, the German Reform and the New EU Suggested DirectionGérard, Marcel
2002 Finance, uncertainty and investment: assessing the gains and losses of a generalized non linear structural approach using Belgian panel dataGérard, Marcel; Verschueren, Frédéric
2002 Further research needed on comprehensive approaches : roundtable discussion on the European Commission's study on company taxationGérard, Marcel
2003 Cross-Border Loss Offset and Formulary Apportionment: How do they affect multijurisdictional firm investment spending and interjurisdictional tax competition?Gérard, Marcel; Weiner, Joann
2004 Combining Dutch presumptive capital income tax and US qualified intermediaries to set forth a new system of international savings taxationGérard, Marcel
2005 Multijurisdictional firms and governments' strategies under alternative tax designsGérard, Marcel
2006 Reforming the taxation of multijurisdictional enterprises in Europe: a tentative appraisalGérard, Marcel
2006 Reforming the taxation of multijurisdictional enterprises in Europe: coopetition in a bottom-up federationGérard, Marcel
2006 Interjurisdictional competition for higher education and firmsGérard, Marcel; Ruiz, Fernando M. M.
2008 Financing Bologna, the internationally mobile students in European higher educationGérard, Marcel
2009 Tax interactions among Belgian municipalities: does language matter?Gérard, Marcel; Jayet, Hubert; Paty, Sonia
2009 Corporate taxation and the impact of governance, political and economic factorsGérard, Marcel; Ruiz, Fernando M. M.
2012 Tax Interaction Among Walloon Municipalities: Is There Room For Partisan Monopoly Effect?Malderen, Laurent Van; Gérard, Marcel
2012 Tax interaction among Walloon municipalities: Is there room for yardstick competition, intellectual trend and partisan monopoly effect?Gérard, Marcel; Van Malderen, Laurent
2012 Investment and financing strategy of a multinational enterprise under alternative tax designsGérard, Marcel; Princen, Savina
2013 Globalization and Access to Higher Education – Policy ImplicationsGérard, Marcel; Uebelmesser, Silke
2014 Financing higher education when students and graduates are internationally mobileGérard, Marcel; Übelmesser, Silke