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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Die Hörspielserie "Die drei ???" - Der wirtschaftliche Erfolg und Gründe dafürGänßle, Sophia; Kuchinke, Björn
2019 Happily ever after? Vertical and horizontal mergers in the U.S. media industryStöhr, Annika; Noskova, Victoriia; Kunz-Kaltenhäuser, Philipp; Gänßle, Sophia; Budzinski, Oliver
2019 How does online streaming affect antitrust remedies to centralized marketing? The case of European football broadcasting rightsBudzinski, Oliver; Gänßle, Sophia; Kunz-Kaltenhäuser, Philipp
2019 Conquering the box office: Factors influencing success of international movies in RussiaGänßle, Sophia; Budzinski, Oliver; Astakhova, Daria
2020 The draft for the 10th amendment of German competition law: Towards a new concept of "Outstanding relevance across markets"?Budzinski, Oliver; Gänßle, Sophia; Stöhr, Annika
2020 Big data comes to Hollywood: Audiovisuelle Medienmärkte im digitalen ZeitalterGänßle, Sophia
2020 The battle of YouTube, TV and Netflix: An empirical analysis of competition in audio-visual media marketsBudzinski, Oliver; Gänßle, Sophia; Lindstädt-Dreusicke, Nadine
2020 Der Entwurf zur 10. GWB Novelle: Interventionismus oder Laissez-faire?Budzinski, Oliver; Gänßle, Sophia; Stöhr, Annika
2020 What drives binge-watching? An economic theory and analysis of impact factorsGänßle, Sophia; Kunz-Kaltenhaeuser, Philipp
2021 Wettbewerb und Antitrust in UnterhaltungsmärktenBudzinski, Oliver; Gänßle, Sophia; Lindstädt-Dreusicke, Nadine
2021 Data (r)evolution - The economics of algorithmic search and recommender servicesBudzinski, Oliver; Gänßle, Sophia; Lindstädt-Dreusicke, Nadine