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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Human capital and interethnic marriage decisionsFurtado, Delia
2008 Immigrant labor, child care services, and the work fertility trade-off in the United StatesFurtado, Delia; Hock, Heinrich
2008 Interethnic marriage: a choice between ethnic and educational similaritiesFurtado, Delia; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2009 Cross-nativity marriages and human capital levels of childrenFurtado, Delia
2009 I'll marry you if you get me a job: marital assimilation and immigrant employment ratesFurtado, Delia; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2010 Why does intermarriage increase immigrant employment? ; the role of networksFurtado, Delia; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2011 Does culture affect divorce decisions? Evidence from European immigrants in the USFurtado, Delia; Marcén, Miriam; Sevilla-Sanz, Almudena
2012 Interethnic marriages and their economic effectsFurtado, Delia; Trejo, Stephen
2012 Immigrant networks and the take-up of disability programs: Evidence from US census dataFurtado, Delia; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2014 Fertility Responses of High-Skilled Native Women to Immigrant InflowsFurtado, Delia
2014 Trends in the Returns to Social Assimilation: Earnings Premiums among U.S. Immigrants that Marry NativesFurtado, Delia; Song, Tao
2014 Can Immigrants Help Women "Have it All"? Immigrant Labor and Women's Joint Fertility and Labor Supply DecisionsFurtado, Delia
2015 Immigrant labor and work-family decisions of native-born womenFurtado, Delia
2015 Can immigrants help women "have it all"? Immigrant labor and women's joint fertility and labor supply decisionsFurtado, Delia
2016 Settling for Academia? H-1B Visas and the Career Choices of International Students in the United StatesAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Furtado, Delia
2018 Did OPT Policy Changes Help Steer and Retain Foreign Talent into Stem?Amuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Furtado, Delia; Xu, Huanan
2019 Who Goes on Disability When Times Are Tough? The Role of Social Costs of Take-Up Among ImmigrantsFurtado, Delia; Papps, Kerry L.; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2020 Does Immigration Improve Quality of Care in Nursing Homes?Furtado, Delia; Ortega, Francesc
2020 Who Goes on Disability when Times are Tough? The Role of Work Norms among ImmigrantsFurtado, Delia; Papps, Kerry L.; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2021 How Do Low-Skilled Immigrants Adjust to Chinese Import Shocks? Evidence Using English Language ProficiencyFurtado, Delia; Kong, Haiyang