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2007 Rule-Of-Thumb Consumers, Productivity and HoursFurlanetto, Francesco; Seneca, Martin
2007 Rule-of-thumb consumers, productivity and hoursFurlanetto, Francesco; Seneca, Martin
2008 Fiscal Shocks and Real RigiditiesFurlanetto, Francesco; Seneca, Martin
2008 Does Monetary Policy React to Asset Prices? Some International EvidenceFurlanetto, Francesco
2008 Fiscal shocks and real rigiditiesFurlanetto, Francesco; Seneca, Martin
2009 Fiscal Stimulus in a Credit Crunch: The Role of Wage RigidityFurlanetto, Francesco
2010 Investment-Specific Technology Shocks and ConsumptionFurlanetto, Francesco; Seneca, Martin
2011 New Perspectives on Depreciation Shocks as a Source of Business Cycle FluctuationsFurlanetto, Francesco; Seneca, Martin
2011 Investment Shocks and Macroeconomic Co-MovementFurlanetto, Francesco; Natvik, Gisle James; Seneca, Martin
2012 Matching Efficiency and Business Cycle FluctuationsFurlanetto, Francesco; Groshenny, Nicolas
2013 Mismatch Shocks and Unemployment During the Great RecessionFurlanetto, Francesco; Groshenny, Nicolas
2014 Identification of Financial Factors in Economic FluctuationsFurlanetto, Francesco; Ravazzolo, Francesco; Sarferaz, Samad
2014 Identification of financial factors in economic fluctuationsFurlanetto, Francesco; Ravazzolo, Francesco; Sarferaz, Samad
2015 Labour Supply Factors and Economic FluctuationsForoni, Claudia; Furlanetto, Francesco; Lepetit, Antoine
2016 Immigration and the Macroeconomy: Some New Empirical EvidenceFurlanetto, Francesco; Robstad, Ørjan
2016 Structural Factors, Unemployment and Monetary Policy: The Useful Role of the Natural Rate of InterestFurlanetto, Francesco; Gelain, Paolo
2017 Output Gap, Monetary Policy Trade-Offs and Financial FrictionsFurlanetto, Francesco; Gelain, Paolo; Sanjani, Marzie Taheri
2017 Has the Fed Responded to House and Stock Prices? A Time-Varying AnalysisAastveit, Knut Are; Furlanetto, Francesco; Loria, Francesca
2018 Technology and the Two Margins of Labor Adjustment: A New Keynesian PerspectiveFurlanetto, Francesco; Sveen, Tommy; Weinke, Lutz