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2000 A tax on output of the polluting industry is not a tax on pollution: The importance of hitting the targetFullerton, Don; Hong, Inkee; Metcalf, Gilbert E.
2009 Is social security part of the social safety net?Brown, Jeffrey R.; Coronado, Julia Lynn; Fullerton, Don
2009 Does Environmental Protection Hurt Low-Income Families?Fullerton, Don
2010 Six distributional effects of environmental policyFullerton, Don
2010 Combinations of instruments to achieve low-carbon vehicle-milesFullerton, Don; Karney, Daniel H.
2010 Optimal taxation of externalities interacting through markets: A theoretical general equilibrium analysisRen, Xiaolin; Fullerton, Don; Braden, John B.
2010 Environmental and energy economicsFullerton, Don
2011 Negative leakageFullerton, Don; Karney, Dan; Baylis, Kathy
2011 Does the indexing of government transfers make carbon pricing progressive?Fullerton, Don; Heutel, Garth; Metcalf, Gilbert
2013 Leakage, welfare, and cost-effectiveness of carbon policyBaylis, Kathy; Fullerton, Don; Karney, Dan
2013 Can a unilateral carbon tax reduce emissions elsewhere?Elliott, Joshua; Fullerton, Don
2014 A Model to Evaluate Vehicle Emission Incentive Policies in JapanFullerton, Don; Gan, Li; Hattori, Miwa
2014 Multiple Pollutants, Uncovered Sectors, and Suboptimal Environmental PoliciesFullerton, Don; Karney, Dan
2016 The Lifecycle of the 47%Fullerton, Don; Rao, Nirupama
2016 Public Finance in a Nutshell: A Cobb-Douglas Teaching Tool for General Equilibrium Tax Incidence and Excess BurdenFullerton, Don; Ta, Chi L.
2016 Environmental and energy economicsFullerton, Don; Wolfram, Catherine
2017 Vertical and Horizontal Redistributions from a Carbon Tax and RebateCronin, Julie-Anne; Fullerton, Don; Sexton, Steven
2017 Who Bears the Economic Costs of Environmental Regulations?Fullerton, Don; Muehlegger, Erich
2019 Environmental Policy on the Back of an Envelope: A Cobb-Douglas Model is Not Just a Teaching ToolFullerton, Don; Ta, Chi Lan
2019 Costs of energy efficiency mandates can reverse the sign of reboundFullerton, Don; Ta, Chi L.