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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Does terror increase aid?Dreher, Axel; Fuchs, Andreas
2011 Methodische Aspekte linearer Strukturgleichungsmodelle. Ein Vergleich von kovarianz- und varianzbasierten KausalanalyseverfahrenFuchs, Andreas
2011 Rogue aid? The determinants of China's aid allocationDreher, Axel; Fuchs, Andreas
2011 Paying a visit: The Dalai Lama Effect on international tradeFuchs, Andreas; Klann, Nils-Hendrik
2011 Rogue Aid? The Determinants of China's Aid AllocationDreher, Axel; Fuchs, Andreas
2012 Determinants of Donor Generosity: A Survey of the Aid Budget LiteratureFuchs, Andreas; Dreher, Axel; Nunnenkamp, Peter
2012 The Needy Donor: An Empirical Analysis of India’s Aid MotivesFuchs, Andreas; Vadlamannati, Krishna Chaitanya
2012 Determinants of donor generosity: A survey of the aid budget literatureFuchs, Andreas; Dreher, Axel; Nunnenkamp, Peter
2013 Emergency Aid 2.0Fuchs, Andreas; Klann, Nils-Hendrik
2013 Why donors of foreign aid do not coordinate: The role of competition for export markets and political supportFuchs, Andreas; Nunnenkamp, Peter; Öhler, Hannes
2014 State Control and the Effects of Foreign Relations on Bilateral TradeDavis, Christina; Fuchs, Andreas; Johnson , Kristina
2014 Tracking Under-Reported Financial Flows: China’s Development Finance and the Aid-Conflict Nexus RevisitedStrange, Austin M.; Parks , Bradley; Tierney, Michael J.; Fuchs, Andreas; Dreher , Axel
2014 The Home Bias in Sovereign RatingsGehring, Kai; Fuchs, Andreas
2015 The home bias in sovereign ratingsFuchs, Andreas; Gehring, Kai
2015 Tracking under-reported financial flows: China's development finance and the aid-conflict nexus revisitedStrange, Austin M.; Parks, Bradley; Tierney, Michael J.; Fuchs, Andreas; Dreher, Axel
2015 Aid on Demand: African Leaders and the Geography of China's Foreign AssistanceDreher, Axel; Fuchs, Andreas; Hodler, Roland; Parks, Bradley C.; Raschky, Paul A.; Tierney, Michael J.
2015 Aid on Demand: African Leaders and the Geography of China s Foreign AssistanceFuchs, Andreas; Dreher, Axel; Hodler, Roland; Parks, Bradley C.; Raschky, Paul
2015 Do Development Minister Characteristics Affect Aid Giving?Fuchs, Andreas; Richert, Katharina
2016 How Do Firms Respond to Political Tensions? The Heterogeneity of the Dalai Lama Effect on TradeLin, Faqin; Hu, Cui; Fuchs, Andreas
2016 Apples and Dragon Fruits: The Determinants of Aid and Other Forms of State Financing from China to AfricaDreher, Axel; Fuchs, Andreas; Parks, Bradley; Strange, Austin M.; Tierney, Michael J.