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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000Statistical methods in intensive care online monitoringFried, Roland; Gather, Ursula; Imhoff, Michael; Bauer, Marcus
2000Online classification of states in intensive careGather, Ursula; Fried, Roland; Imhoff, Michael
2000Graphical models for multivariate time series from intensive care monitoringGather, Ursula; Imhoff, Michael; Fried, Roland
2001Pattern recognition in intensive care online monitoringFried, Roland; Gather, Ursula; Imhoff, Michael
2001Sliced inverse regression for high-dimensional time seriesBecker, Claudia; Fried, Roland
2001Online monitoring of high dimensional physiological time series: A case studyGather, Ursula; Fried, Roland; Lanius, Vivian; Imhoff, Michael
2002Robust signal extraction for on-line monitoring dataDavies, P. Laurie; Fried, Roland; Gather, Ursula
2002Computing the update of the repeated median regression line in linear timeBernholt, Thorsten; Fried, Roland
2002On the online detection of monotonic trends in time seriesFried, Roland; Imhoff, Michael
2002Decomposability and selection of graphical models for multivariate time seriesFried, Roland; Didelez, Vanessa
2002Robust estimation of scale for local linear temporal trendsFried, Roland; Gather, Ursula
2003Latent variable analysis and partial correlation graphs for multivariate time seriesFried, Roland; Didelez, Vanessa
2004Modified repeated median filtersBernholt, Thorsten; Fried, Roland; Gather, Ursula; Wegner, Ingo
2004Online signal extraction by robust linear regressionGather, Ursula; Schettlinger, Karen; Fried, Roland
2004Robust Trend Estimation for AR(1) DisturbancesFried, Roland; Gather, Ursula
2004Methods and algorithms for robust filteringFried, Roland; Gather, Ursula
2004Repeated median and hybrid filtersFried, Roland; Bernholt, Thorsten; Gather, Ursula
2005Weighted Repeated Median Smoothing and FilteringGather, Ursula; Einbeck, Jochen; Fried, Roland
2005Robust detail-preserving signal extractionGather, Ursula; Fried, Roland; Lanius, Vivian
2006Robust Filters for Intensive Care Monitoring: Beyond the Running MedianSchettlinger, Karen; Fried, Roland; Gather, Ursula