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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Overtime Work Dual Job Holding and TaxationFrederiksen, Anders; Graversen, Ebbe Krogh; Smith, Nina
2002 Where Did They Go?Frederiksen, Anders; Westergård-Nielsen, Niels Christian
2004 Optimal incentive mix of performance pay and efficiency wageFrederiksen, Anders; Takáts, Előd
2006 Labour market signalling and unemployment duration: an empirical analysis using employer-employee dataFrederiksen, Anders; Ibsen, Rikke; Rosholm, Michael; Westergård-Nielsen, Niels Christian
2006 Gender differences in job separation rates and employment stability: new evidence from employer-employee dataFrederiksen, Anders
2006 Layoffs as part of an optimal incentive mix: Theory and evidenceFrederiksen, Anders; Takáts, Elöd
2008 Management compensation and firm-level income inequalityFrederiksen, Anders; Poulsen, Odile
2010 Earnings progression, human capital and incentives: Theory and evidenceFrederiksen, Anders
2010 What do we work for? An anatomy of pre- and post-tax earnings growthFrederiksen, Anders; Halliday, Timothy; Koch, Alexander K.
2010 Within- and cross-firm mobility and earnings growthFrederiksen, Anders; Halliday, Timothy; Koch, Alexander K.
2010 Increasing income inequality: productivity, bargaining and skill-upgradingFrederiksen, Anders; Poulsen, Odile
2011 Human capital and career success: Evidence from linked employer-employee dataFrederiksen, Anders; Kato, Takao
2012 Subjective performance evaluations and employee careersFrederiksen, Anders; Lange, Fabian; Kriechel, Ben
2015 Why Are There So Few Women in Executive Positions? An Analysis of Gender Differences in the Life-Cycle of Executive EmploymentFrederiksen, Anders; Halliday, Timothy J.
2015 Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover: A Firm-Level PerspectiveFrederiksen, Anders
2016 Mining in Arctic and Non-Arctic Regions: A Socioeconomic AssessmentFrederiksen, Anders; Kadenic, Maja Due
2016 Consumption Network EffectsDe Giorgi, Giacomo; Frederiksen, Anders; Pistaferri, Luigi
2017 Supervisors and Performance Management SystemsFrederiksen, Anders; Kahn, Lisa B.; Lange, Fabian
2018 Working Hours and Top Management Appointments: Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee DataFrederiksen, Anders; Kato, Takao; Smith, Nina
2018 Employee Absence: An Organizational PerspectiveEskildsen, Jacob Kjær; Frederiksen, Anders; Løkke, Ann-Kristina