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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Financial market integration in Europe: on the effects of EMU on stock marketsFratzscher, Marcel
2002 European integration: what lessons for other regions? The case of Latin AmericaDorrucci, Ettore; Firpo, Stefano; Mongelli, Francesco Paolo; Fratzscher, Marcel
2002 On currency crises and contagionFratzscher, Marcel
2002 Towards a new early warning system of financial crisesBussière, Matthieu; Fratzscher, Marcel
2002 The Euro bloc, the Dollar bloc and the Yen bloc: how much monetary policy independence can exchange rate flexibility buy in an interdependent world?Fratzscher, Marcel
2002 Interdependence between the euro area and the US: what role for EMU?Ehrmann, Michael; Fratzscher, Marcel
2003 Equal size, equal role? Interest rate interdependence between the Euro area and the United StatesEhrmann, Michael; Fratzscher, Marcel
2004 Current accounts dynamics in OECD and EU acceding countries - an intertemporal approachBussière, Matthieu; Fratzscher, Marcel; Müller, Gernot J.
2004 Taking stock: monetary policy transmission to equity marketsEhrmann, Michael; Fratzscher, Marcel
2004 Currency mismatch, uncertainty and debt maturity structureBussière, Matthieu; Fratzscher, Marcel; Koeniger, Winfried
2004 Equal size, equal role? Interdependence between the euro area and the United StatesEhrmann, Michael; Fratzscher, Marcel
2004 Financial openness and growth: short-run gain, long-run pain?Fratzscher, Marcel; Bussière, Matthieu
2004 Communication and exchange rate policyFratzscher, Marcel
2004 Exchange rates and fundamentals: new evidence from real-time dataEhrmann, Michael; Fratzscher, Marcel
2005 How successful are exchange rate communication and interventions? Evidence from time-series and event-study approachesFratzscher, Marcel
2005 The timing of central bank communicationEhrmann, Michael; Fratzscher, Marcel
2005 Communication and decision-making by central bank committees: different strategies, same effectiveness?Ehrmann, Michael; Fratzscher, Marcel
2005 Productivity shocks, budget deficits and the current accountBussière, Matthieu; Fratzscher, Marcel; Müller, Gernot J.
2005 How should central banks communicate?Ehrmann, Michael; Fratzscher, Marcel
2005 Stocks, bonds, money markets and exchange rates: measuring international financial transmissionEhrmann, Michael; Fratzscher, Marcel; Rigobon, Roberto