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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999-01Lohnzurückhaltung, Beschäftigung und (zu) einfache empirische ZusammenhängeFranke, Reiner
2008Artificial Long Memory Effects in Two Agend-Based Asset Pricing ModelsFranke, Reiner
2008A Proof of Determinacy in the New-Keynesian Sticky Wages and Prices ModelFranke, Reiner; Flaschel, Peter
2008On the Determinacy of New Keynesian Models with Staggered Wage and Price SettingFlaschel, Peter; Franke, Reiner; Proaño, Christian
2008On the Interpretation of Price Adjustments and Demand in Asset Pricing Models with Mean-Variance OptimizationFranke, Reiner
2008A Microfounded Herding Model and Its Estimation On German Survey ExpectationsFranke, Reiner
2010Labor productivity and the law of decreasing labor contentFlaschel, Peter; Franke, Reiner; Veneziani, Roberto
2010Some observations in the high-frequency versions of a standard new-keynesian modelFranke, Reiner; Sacht, Stephen
2010Some Observations in the High-Frequency Versions of a Standard New-Keynesian ModelSacht, Stephen; Franke, Reiner
2011Moment matching versus Bayesian estimation: Backward-looking behaviour in the new-Keynesian three-equations modelFranke, Reiner; Jang, Tae-Seok; Sacht, Stephen
2011Structural stochastic volatility in asset pricing dynamics: Estimation and model contestFranke, Reiner; Westerhoff, Frank
2011Why a simple herding model may generate the stylized facts of daily returns: Explanation and estimationFranke, Reiner; Westerhoff, Frank
2012Agent-based models for economic policy design: Two illustrative examplesWesterhoff, Frank; Franke, Reiner
2012Moment matching versus Bayesian estimation: Backward-looking behaviour in a New-Keynesian baseline modelFranke, Reiner; Jang, Tae-Seok; Sacht, Stephen
2013Moment Matching versus Bayesian Estimation: Backward-Looking Behaviour in a New-Keynesian Baseline ModelSacht, Stephen; Franke, Reiner; Jang, Tae-Seok
2013Competitive Moment Matching of a New-Keynesian and an Old-Keynesian ModelFranke, Reiner
2014Integrating Real Sector Growth and Inflation Into An Agent-Based Stock Market DynamicsFranke, Reiner; Ghonghadze, Jaba
2015An examination of Professor Shaikh's proposal to tame Harrodian instabilityFranke, Reiner
2016On the long-run equilibrium value of Tobin's average QFranke, Reiner; Yanovski, Boyan
2017A simple approach to overcome the problems arising from the Keynesian stability conditionFranke, Reiner