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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000Preferential Trade Arrangements, Induced Investment, and National Income in a Heckscher-Ohlin-Ramsey ModelFrancois, Joseph; Rombout, M.
2000Victims of Progress: Economic Integration, Specialization, and Wages for Unskilled LaborFrancois, Joseph; Nelson, Douglas R.
2000Trade in International Transport Services: The Role of CompetitionFrancois, Joseph; Wooton, Ian
2000Market Structure, Trade Liberalization and the GATSFrancois, Joseph; Wooton, Ian
2002Formula Approaches for Market Access NegotiationsFrancois, Joseph; Martin, Will
2003Business Cycles, the Current Account, and Administered Protection in MexicoFrancois, Joseph; Niels, Gunnar
2004Globalization, Roundaboutness, and Relative WagesFrancois, Joseph; Grier, Kevin; Nelson, Douglas
2004Market Structure in Services and Market Access in GoodsFrancois, Joseph; Wooton, Ian
2004Household Inequality, Welfare, and the Setting of Trade PolicyFrancois, Joseph; Rojas-Romagosa, Hugo
2004Assessing the Impact of Trade Policy on Labor Markets and ProductionFrancois, Joseph
2004National and International Income Dispersion and Aggregate ExpendituresFillat, Carmen; Francois, Joseph
2005Preferential Trade Arrangements and the Pattern of Production and Trade when Inputs are DifferentiatedFrancois, Joseph
2006Antitrust in Open EconomiesFrancois, Joseph; Horn, Henrik
2006Rags in the High Rent District: the Evolution of Quota Rents in Textiles and ClothingFrancois, Joseph; Woerz, Julia
2007Producer Services, Manufacturing Linkages, and TradeFrancois, Joseph; Woerz, Julia
2007Producer Services, Manufacturing Linkages, and TradeFrancois, Joseph; Woerz, Julia
2008Dynamic Factor Price Equalization & International ConvergenceFrancois, Joseph; Shiells, Clinton R.
2008Trading Profiles and Developing Country Participation in the WTO Dispute Settlement SystemFrancois, Joseph; Horn, Henrik; Kaunitz, Niklas
2008Market structure and market accessFrancois, Joseph; Wooton, Ian
2009Economic impact of a potential Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the European Union and the Commonwealth of the Independent StatesFrancois, Joseph; Manchin, Miriam