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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Is the Household Demand for In-Home Services Sensitive to Tax Reductions? : The French CaseFlipo, Anne; Fougère, Denis; Olier, Lucile
2005 Interfirm Mobility, Wages, and the Returns to Seniority and Experience in the U.S.Buchinsky, Moshe; Fougère, Denis; Kramarz, Francis; Tchernis, Rusty
2005 Estimating the Effect of a Retraining Program for Displaced Workers on Their Transition to Permanent JobsCavaco, Sandra; Fougère, Denis; Pouget, Julien
2005 Heterogeneity in consumer price stickiness: a microeconometric investigationFougère, Denis; Le Bihan, Hervé; Sevestre, Patrick
2005 Does job-search assistance affect search effort and outcomes? A microeconometric analysis of public versus private search methodsFougère, Denis; Pradel, Jacqueline; Roger, Muriel
2005 Econometrics of individual labor market transitionsFougère, Denis; Kamionka, Thierry
2006 The returns to seniority in France (and why are they lower than in the United States?)Beffy, Magali; Buchinsky, Moshe; Fougère, Denis; Kamionka, Thierry; Kramarz, Francis
2006 Youth unemployment and crime in FranceFougère, Denis; Kramarz, Francis; Pouget, Julien
2006 Identification of peer effects using group size variationDavezies, Laurent; d'Haultfoeuille, Xavier; Fougère, Denis
2007 Duration models and point processesFlorens, Jean-Pierre; Fougère, Denis; Mouchart, Michel
2007 Wages and employment of French workers with African originAeberhardt, Romain; Fougère, Denis; Pouget, Julien; Rathelot, Roland
2007 Training the unemployed in France: how does it affect unemployment duration and recurrence?Crépon, Bruno; Ferracci, Marc; Fougère, Denis
2008 The effects of naturalization on immigrants' employment probability (France, 1968 - 1999)Fougère, Denis; Safi, Mirna
2009 Choosing the field of study in post-secondary education: do expected earnings matter?Beffy, Magali; Fougère, Denis; Maurel, Arnaud
2009 Estimating the effect of a retraining program on the re-employment rate of displaced workersCavaco, Sandra; Fougère, Denis; Pouget, Julien
2009 Restaurant prices and the minimum wageFougère, Denis; Gautier, Erwan; Le Bihan, Hervé
2010 The effect of part-time work on post-secondary educational attainment: New evidence from French dataBeffy, Magali; Fougère, Denis; Maurel, Arnaud
2011 Social housing and location choices of immigrants in FranceFougère, Denis; Kramarz, Francis; Rathelot, Roland; Safi, Mirna
2011 Wage rigidity, collective bargaining and the minimum wage: Evidence from French agreement dataAvouyi-Dovi, Sanvi; Fougère, Denis; Gautier, Erwan
2012 Editorial: IZA Journal of MigrationConstant, Amelie F.; Fougère, Denis; Giulietti, Corrado; Zimmermann, Klaus F.