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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Dimensions of Quality Upgrading in CEECsDulleck, Uwe; Foster-McGregor, Neil; Stehrer, Robert; Wörz, Julia
2005 Modelling GDP in CEECs Using Smooth TransitionsFoster-McGregor, Neil; Stehrer, Robert
2008 Sectoral Productivity, Density and Agglomeration in the Wider EuropeFoster-McGregor, Neil; Stehrer, Robert
2009 The Determinants of Regional Economic Growth by QuantileCrespo-Cuaresma, Jesus; Foster-McGregor, Neil; Stehrer, Robert
2009 The Importance of Labour Mobility for Spillovers across IndustriesFoster-McGregor, Neil; Pöschl, Johannes
2010 The Impact of Preferential Trade Agreements on the Margins of International TradeFoster-McGregor, Neil; Pöschl, Johannes; Stehrer, Robert
2010 Preferential Trade Agreements and the Structure of International TradeFoster-McGregor, Neil; Stehrer, Robert
2011 Revival of the Visegrad Countries' Mutual Trade after their EU Accession: a Search for ExplanationFoster-McGregor, Neil; Hunya, Gabor; Pindyuk, Olga; Richter, Sandor
2011 Trade in Intermediate Products and EU Manufacturing Supply ChainsAli-Yrkkö, Jyrki; Foster-McGregor, Neil; Hanzl-Weiss, Doris; Rouvinen, Petri; Seppälä, Timo; Stehrer, Robert; Stöllinger, Roman; Ylä-Anttila, Pekka
2012 Value Added and Factors in Trade: A Comprehensive ApproachVries, Gaaitzen De; Foster-McGregor, Neil; Stehrer, Robert
2012 Sectoral Employment Effects of Economic DownturnsFoster-McGregor, Neil; Hanzl-Weiss, Doris; Leitner, Sandra M.; Leitner, Sebastian; Rabemiafara, Nirina; Sanoussi, Fadila; Stehrer, Robert; Ward, Terry
2012 Innovation and Technology Transfer across CountriesFoster-McGregor, Neil
2012 On the Volume and Variety of Intra-Bloc Trade in an Expanded European UnionFoster-McGregor, Neil
2012 Manufacturing Productivity: Effects of Service Sector Innovations and InstitutionsFoster-McGregor, Neil; Pöschl, Johannes; Stehrer, Robert
2012 Offshoring and the Elasticity of Labour DemandFoster-McGregor, Neil; Pöschl, Johannes; Stehrer, Robert
2012 Offshoring and the Skill Structure of Labour DemandVries, Gaaitzen De; Foster-McGregor, Neil; Stehrer, Robert
2012 Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Technology Transfer: A SurveyBreitwieser, Anja; Foster-McGregor, Neil
2013 Importing, Exporting and the Productivity of Services Firms in Sub-Saharan AfricaFoster-McGregor, Neil; Isaksson, Anders; Kaulich, Florian
2013 International Fragmentation of Production, Trade and Growth: Impacts and Prospects for EU Member StatesFoster-McGregor, Neil; Stehrer, Robert; Timmer, Marcel
2013 A 'Manufacturing Imperative' in the EU – Europe's Position in Global Manufacturing and the Role of Industrial PolicyFoster-McGregor, Neil; Holzner, Mario; Landesmann, Michael; Pöschl, Johannes; Stehrer, Robert; Stöllinger, Roman