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2005 Lessons from Italian Monetary UnificationForeman-Peck, James
2005 Fiscal Devolution and DependencyForeman-Peck, James; Lungu, Laurian
2006 Industrial policy in Europe in the 20th centuryForeman-Peck, James
2006 Lessons from Italian Monetary UnificationForeman-Peck, James
2007 Human capital and economic growth: Pakistan, 1960 - 2003Abbasa, Qaisar; Foreman-Peck, James
2007 The Mincer human capital model in Pakistan: Implications for educational policyAbbasa, Qaisar; Foreman-Peck, James
2008 Peripherality and the impact of SME takeoversForeman-Peck, James; Nicholls, Tom
2009 The western European marriage pattern and economic developmentForeman-Peck, James
2009 Gratuitous violence and the rational offender modelForeman-Peck, James; Moore, Simon
2010 Economic policy and output volatility in Spain, 1950 - 1998: Was fiscal policy destabilizing?Battilossi, Stefano; Escario, Regina; Foreman-Peck, James
2010 The strength and persistence of entrepreneurial culturesForeman-Peck, James; Zhou, Peng
2011 Extreme divorce: The managerial revolution in UK companies before 1914Foreman-Peck, James; Hannah, Leslie
2012 Effectiveness and efficiency of SME innovation policyForeman-Peck, James
2012 Some Consequences of the Early Twentieth Century Divorce of Ownership from ControlForeman-Peck, James; Hannah, Leslie
2014 Cultures of Female EntrepreneurshipForeman-Peck, James; Zhou, Peng
2014 Firm-Level Evidence for the Language Investment Effect on SME ExportersForeman-Peck, James; Zhou, Peng
2014 The Rise of the English Economy 1300-1900: A Lasting Response to Demographic ShocksForeman-Peck, James; Zhou, Peng
2015 UK Corporate Law and Corporate Governance before 1914: a Re-interpretationForeman-Peck, James; Hannah, Leslie