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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Household Income Distribution and Hours of Work: An International ComparisonAnxo, Dominique; Flood, Lennart
2003 Household Labor Supply and Welfare Participation in SwedenFlood, Lennart; Hansen, Jörgen; Wahlberg, Roger
2003 From Welfare to Work: Evaluating a Proposed Tax and Benefit Reform Targeted at Single Mothers in SwedenFlood, Lennart; Pylkkänen, Elina; Wahlberg, Roger
2006 The income of the Swedish baby boomersFlood, Lennart; Klevmarken, N. Anders; Mitrut, Andreea
2007 Simulating the future of the Swedish baby-boom generationsKlevmarken, N. Anders; Bolin, Kristian; Eklöf, Matias; Flood, Lennart; Fransson, Urban; Hallberg, Daniel; Höjgård, Sören; Lindgren, Björn; Mitrut, Andrea; Lagergren, Mårten
2008 Evaluation of an in-work tax credit reform in Sweden: effects on labor supply and welfare participation of single mothersAaberge, Rolf; Flood, Lennart
2009 A microsimulation approach to an optimal Swedish income taxEricson, Peter; Flood, Lennart
2009 SWEtaxben: a Swedish tax/benefit micro simulation model and an evaluation of a Swedish tax reformEricson, Peter; Flood, Lennart; Wahlberg, Roger
2011 Taxes, wages and working hoursEricson, Peter; Flood, Lennart
2013 U.S. versus Sweden. The effect of alternative in-work tax credit policies on labour supply of single mothersAaberge, Rolf; Flood, Lennart
2013 U.S. versus Sweden: The Effect of Alternative In-Work Tax Credit Policies on Labour Supply of Single MothersAaberge, Rolf; Flood, Lennart
2015 A Tax Benefit Model for Policy Evaluation in Luxembourg: LuxTaxBenIslam, Nizamul; Flood, Lennart