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2001Financial market implications of the Federal debt paydownFleming, Michael J.
2001Measuring treasury market liquidityFleming, Michael J.
2002Are larger treasury issues more liquid? Evidence from bill reopeningsFleming, Michael J.
2004Anomalous bidding in short-term treasury bill auctionsFleming, Michael J.; Garbade, Kenneth D.; Keane, Frank
2007How do treasury dealers manage their positions?Fleming, Michael J.; Rosenberg, Joshua V.
2009The microstructure of the TIPS marketFleming, Michael J.; Krishnan, Neel
2009The microstructure of a US Treasury ECN: The BrokerTec platformFleming, Michael J.; Mizrach, Bruce
2010Repo market effects of the term securities lending facilityFleming, Michael J.; Hrung, Warren B.; Keane, Frank M.
2012Federal reserve liquidity provision during the financial crisis of 2007-2009Fleming, Michael J.
2013ECB monetary operations and the interbank repo marketDunne, Peter G.; Fleming, Michael J.; Zholos, Andrey
2014Dealer financial conditions and lender-of-last-resort facilitiesAcharya, Viral V.; Fleming, Michael J.; Hrung, Warren B.; Sarkar, Asani
2016Trading activity in the Indian government bond marketFleming, Michael J.; Saggar, Seema; Sareen, Samita
2019Tick size change and market quality in the U.S. treasury marketFleming, Michael J.; Nguyen, Giang H.; Ruela, Francisco
2021The netting efficiencies of marketwide central clearingFleming, Michael J.; Keane, Frank
2021The Federal Reserve's market functioning purchasesFleming, Michael J.; Liu, Haoyang; Podjasek, Rich; Schurmeier, Jake
2022All-to-all trading in the U.S. treasury marketChaboud, Alain; Correia Golay, Ellen; Cox, Caren; Fleming, Michael J.; Huh, Yesol; Keane, Frank; Lee, Kyle; Schwarz, Krista; Vega, Clara; Windover, Carolyn
2023Dealer capacity and U.S. treasury market functionalityDuffie, Darrell; Fleming, Michael J.; Keane, Frank; Nelson, Claire; Shachar, Or; Van Tassel, Peter