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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Steindlian Models of Growth and StagnationSkott, Peter; Flaschel, Peter
2005 Corporate Currency Hedging and Currency CrisesRöthig, Andreas; Semmler, Willi; Flaschel, Peter
2005 Prosperity and Stagnation in Capitalist EconomiesAsada, Toichiro; Flaschel, Peter; Skott, Peter
2006 Hedging, speculation, and investment in balance-sheet triggered currency crisesRöthig, Andreas; Semmler, Willi; Flaschel, Peter
2006 Currency Crises and Monetary Policy in Economies with Partial Dollarisation of LiabilitiesFlaschel, Peter; Proaño, Christian; Semmler, Willi
2006 Disequilibrium Macroeconomic Dynamics, Income Distribution and Wage-Price Phillips Curves: Evidence from the US and the euro areaErnst, Ekkehard; Flaschel, Peter; Proaño, Christian; Semmler, Willi
2008 A Proof of Determinacy in the New-Keynesian Sticky Wages and Prices ModelFranke, Reiner; Flaschel, Peter
2008 On the Determinacy of New Keynesian Models with Staggered Wage and Price SettingFlaschel, Peter; Franke, Reiner; Proaño, Christian
2008 The J2 Status of Chaos in Period Macroeconomic ModelsFlaschel, Peter; Proaño, Christian
2009 Stabilizing an unstable economy: on the choice of proper policy measuresAsada, Toichiro; Chiarella, Carl; Flaschel, Peter; Mouakil, Tarik; Proaño, Christian R.
2009 Overconsumption, Credit Rationing and Bailout Monetary Policy: A Minskyan PerspectiveCharpe, Matthieu; Flaschel, Peter; Proaño, Christian R.; Semmler, Willi
2010 Sustainable Capitalism: Full-Employment Flexicurity Growth with Real Wage RigiditiesAsada, Toichiro; Flaschel, Peter; Greiner, Alfred; Proaño, Christian
2010 Employment Cycles, Low Income Work and the Dynamic Impact of Minimum Wages. A Macro PerspectiveFlaschel, Peter; Greiner, Alfred; Logeay, Camille; Proaño, Christian
2010 Stabilizing an unstable economy: On the choice of proper policy measuresAsada, Toichiro; Chiarella, Carl; Flaschel, Peter; Mouakil, Tarik; Proaño, Christian R.
2010 Labor productivity and the law of decreasing labor contentFlaschel, Peter; Franke, Reiner; Veneziani, Roberto
2011 Worker debt, default ans diversity of financial fragilityCharpe, Matthieu; Flaschel, Peter
2012 Towards Keynesian DSGD (isequilibrium) Modelling: Real-Financial Market Interactions with Heterogeneous Expectations DynamicsCharpe, Matthieu; Flaschel, Peter; Hartmann, Florian; Veneziani, Roberto
2013 A behavioral macroeconomic model of exchange rate fluctuations with complex market expectations formationFlaschel, Peter; Hartmann, Florian; Malikane, Chris; Prosano, Christian R.
2013 Credit Driven Investment, Heterogeneous Labor Markets and Macroeconomic DynamicsCharpe, Matthieu; Flaschel, Peter; Krolzig, Hans-Martin; Proaño, Christian; Semmler, Willi; Tavani, Daniele
2014 Financial markets, banking and the design of monetary policy: A stable baseline scenarioHartmann, Florian; Flaschel, Peter