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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Human Activity, Energy & Money in the Unlted States: Connecting the Biophysical Economy with its Pecuniary ImageFix, Blair
2014Rethinking Profit: How Redistribution Drives GrowthFix, Blair
2014Putting Power Back Into Growth TheoryFix, Blair
2015Rethinking Economic Growth Theory From a Biophysical PerspectiveFix, Blair
2015Putting Power Back Into Growth TheoryFix, Blair
2016Energy and Institution SizeFix, Blair
2017Evidence for a Power Theory of Personal Income DistributionFix, Blair
2017Energy and Institution SizeFix, Blair
2018The aggregation problem: Implications for ecological economicsFix, Blair
2018Economics from the Top Down: Does Hierarchy Unify Economic Theory?Fix, Blair
2018A Hierarchy Model of Income DistributionFix, Blair
2018The trouble with human capital theoryFix, Blair
2018Hierarchy and the Power-Law Income Distribution TailFix, Blair
2018The growth of US top income inequality: A hierarchical redistribution hypothesisFix, Blair
2018Energy, hierarchy and the origin of inequalityFix, Blair
2018Capitalist income and hierarchical power: A gradient hypothesisFix, Blair
2018The Trouble With Human Capital TheoryFix, Blair
2019Energy, Hierarchy and the Origin of InequalityFix, Blair
2019How the rich are different: Hierarchical power as the basis of income size and classFix, Blair
2019The Aggregation Problem: Implications for Ecological and Biophysical EconomicsFix, Blair