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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 A genetic-algorithms based evolutionary computational neural network for modelling spatial interaction dataFischer, Manfred M.; Leung, Yee
1998 The innovation process and network activities of manufacturing firms: Conceptual considerations and empirical evidence from the metropolitan region of ViennaFischer, Manfred M.
1999 Technological Innovation and Interfirm CooperationFischer, Manfred M.; Varga, Attila
2000 Innovation, Knowledge Creation And Systems Of InnovationFischer, Manfred M.; Fröhlich, Joseph; Gassler, Helmut; Varga, Attila
2000 Evaluating Neural Spatial Interaction. Modelling By BootstrappingFischer, Manfred M.; Reismann, Martin; Hlavackova-Schindler, Katerina
2001 Production of Knowledge and Geographically Mediated Spillovers from Universities: Spatial Econometric Perspective and Evidence from AustriaFischer, Manfred M.; Varga, Attila
2001 Neural Network Modelling of Constrained Spatial Interaction FlowsFischer, Manfred M.; Reismann, Martin
2001 The tyranny of regional unemployment ratesFischer, Manfred M.; Maierhofer, Erich
2001 Testing for Non-Linear Dependence in Univariate Time Series: An Empirical Investigation of the Austrian Unemployment RateFischer, Manfred M.; Koller, Wolfgang
2002 A methodology for neural spatial interaction modellingFischer, Manfred M.; Reismann, Martin
2003 GIS and Network AnalysisFischer, Manfred M.
2003 Principles of Neural Spatial Interaction ModelingFischer, Manfred M.
2004 Regional Income Convergence in the Enlarged Europe, 1995-2000: A Spatial Econometric PerspectiveFischer, Manfred M.; Stirböck, Claudia
2005 The Geography of Knowledge Spillovers between High-Technology Firms in Europe - Evidence from a Spatial Interaction Modelling PerspectiveFischer, Manfred M.; Scherngell, Thomas; Jansenberger, Eva
2005 Pan-European Regional Income Growth and Club-Convergence - Insights from a Spatial Econometric PerspectiveFischer, Manfred M.; Stirböck, Claudia
2006 Modeling Spatial Autocorrelation in Spatial Interaction Data: A Comparison of Spatial Econometric and Spatial Filtering SpecificationsFischer, Manfred M.; Griffith, Daniel A.
2010 On labour market discrimination against Roma in South East EuropeMilcher, Susanne; Fischer, Manfred M.
2010 The Community Structure of R&D Cooperation in Europe. Evidence from a social networks perspectiveBarber, Michael J.; Fischer, Manfred M.; Scherngell, Thomas
2011 Estimates of the impact of static and dynamic knowledge spillovers on regional factor productivityFischer, Manfred M.; LeSage, James P.
2012 A Bayesian approach to identifying and interpreting regional convergence clubs in EuropeFischer, Manfred M.; LeSage, James P.