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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 The Mechanics of a successful Exchange-Rate Peg: Lessons from Emerging MarketsDueker, Michael; Fischer, Andreas
2002 Stochastic Capital Depreciation and the Comovement of Hours and ProductivityDueker, Michael; Fischer, Andreas; Dittmar, Robert D.
2003 Understanding Reserve Volatility in Emerging Markets: A Look at the Long-RunDemarmels, Ricarda; Fischer, Andreas
2003 On the inadequacy of Newswire reports for empirical research on foreign exchange interventionsFischer, Andreas
2003 Fixing Swiss Potholes: The Importance and Cyclical Nature of ImprovementsDueker, Michael; Fischer, Andreas
2004 Price Clustering in the FX Market: A Disaggregate Analysis using Central Bank InterventionsFischer, Andreas
2004 Sequential Information Flow and Real-Time Diagnosis of Swiss Inflation: Intra-Monthly DCF Estimates for a Low-Inflation EnvironmentFischer, Andreas; Amstad, Marlene
2005 Shock Identification of Macroeconomic Forecasts based on Daily PanelsAmstad, Marlene; Fischer, Andreas
2005 Measuring Income Elasticity for Swiss Money Demand: What do the cantons say about financial innovation?Fischer, Andreas
2010 Für eine bessere ökonomische Bildung!Hedtke, Reinhold; Famulla, Gerd-E.; Fischer, Andreas; Weber, Birgit; Zurstrassen, Bettina
2019 Steigende Förderkosten bei der Windkraft: Genehmigungsstau bremst WettbewerbFischer, Andreas
2020 Breite Mehrheit für WindkraftFischer, Andreas; Kube, Roland