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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Policy options for the development of peripheral regions and countries of EuropeAiginger, Karl; Huber, Peter; Firgo, Matthias
2012 Centrality and Pricing in Spatially Differentiated Markets: The Case of GasolineFirgo, Matthias; Pennerstorfer, Dieter; Weiss, Christoph
2013 What can the EMU's peripheral countries learn from regional growth?Aiginger, Karl; Firgo, Matthias; Huber, Peter
2013 Unconditional convergence in currency unions: An analysis of European regions from 1991 to 2009Firgo, Matthias; Huber, Peter
2014 Detecting Collusion in Spatially Differentiated MarketsFirgo, Matthias; Kügler, Agnes
2015 Regional competitiveness under new perspectivesAiginger, Karl; Firgo, Matthias
2015 Network Centrality and Market Prices. An Empirical NoteFirgo, Matthias; Pennerstorfer, Dieter; Weiss, Christoph R.
2016 (Un-)related variety and employment growth at the sub-regional levelFirgo, Matthias; Mayerhofer, Peter
2016 Does having the right visitor mix do the job? Applying an econometric shift-share model to regional tourism developmentsFirgo, Matthias; Fritz, Oliver
2017 Österreichischer Forschungs- und Technologiebericht 2017: Lagebericht gem. § 8 (1) FOG über die aus Bundesmitteln geförderte Forschung, Technologie und Innovation in ÖsterreichPolt, Wolfgang; Streicher, Jürgen; Biegelbauer, Peter; Bock-Schappelwein, Julia; Dachs, Bernhard; Dinges, Michael; Firgo, Matthias; Hafellner, Silvia; Hofmann, Kathrin; Janger, Jürgen; Kügler, Agnes; Leitner, Karl-Heinz; Mayerhofer, Peter; Peneder, Michael; Ploder, Michael; Rammer, Christian; Reidl, Sybille; Schiffbänker, Helene; Steindl, Claudia; Strauss, Anna; Unger, Maximilian
2017 Informal, formal, or both? Assessing the drivers of home care utilization in Austria using a simultaneous decision frameworkFirgo, Matthias; Nowotny, Klaus; Braun, Alexander
2019 The economic impact of long-term care servicesStreicher, Gerhard; Famira-Mühlberger, Ulrike; Firgo, Matthias