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2000Game theory and international environmental co-operation: A survey with an application to the Kyoto-ProtocolFinus, Michael
2001Endogenous coalition formation in global pollution controlFinus, Michael; Rundshagen, Bianca
2003Stability of Climate Coalitions in a Cartel Formation GameFinus, Michael; van Ierland, Ekko; Dellink, Rob
2003New Roads to International Environmental Agreements: The Case of Global WarmingFinus, Michael; Eyckmans, Johan
2003A Non-cooperative Foundation of Core-Stability in Positive Externality NTU-Coalition GamesFinus, Michael; Rundshagen, Bianca
2003How the Rules of Coalition Formation Affect Stability of International Environmental AgreementsFinus, Michael; Rundshagen, Bianca
2004An Almost Ideal Sharing Scheme for Coalition Games with ExternalitiesEyckmans, Johan; Finus, Michael
2004Modesty Pays: Sometimes!Finus, Michael
2004The Impact of Surplus Sharing on The Stability of International Climate AgreementsWeikard, Hans-Peter; Altamirano-Cabrera, Juan-Carlos; Finus, Michael
2004International Cooperation to Resolve International Pollution ProblemsFinus, Michael
2005Optimal Transfers and Participation Decisions in International Environmental AgreementsCarraro, Carlo; Eyckmans, Johan; Finus, Michael
2005Uniqueness of Coalitional EquilibriaFinus, Michael; v. Mouche, Pierre; Rundshagen, Bianca
2005Participation in International Environmental Agreements: The Role of Timing and RegulationFinus, Michael; Rundshagen, Bianca
2005Coalition Formation under Uncertainty: The Stability Likelihood of an International Climate AgreementDellink, Rob; Finus, Michael; Olieman, Niels
2008Stability and success of regional fisheries management organizationsPintassilgo, Pedro; Finus, Michael; Lindroos, Marko; Munro, Gordon
2008Coalition formation and the ancillary benefits of climate policyFinus, Michael; R├╝bbelke, Dirk T. G.
2009Simulating a sequential coalition formation process for the climate change problem: First come, but second served?Finus, Michael; Rundshagen, Bianca; Eyckmans, Johan
2010International environmental agreements under uncertainty: does the veil of uncertainty help?Finus, Michael; Pintassilgo, Pedro
2014International Environmental Agreements with Uncertainty, Learning and Risk AversionFinus, Michael; Pintassilgo, Pedro; Ulph, Alistair