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1999 Exchange rate regimes, inflation and output volatility in developing countriesBleaney, Michael; Fielding, David
2003 Myopic loss aversion, disappointment aversion, and the equity premium puzzleFielding, David; Stracca, Livio
2004 Are Americans more Gung-Ho than Europeans? Some evidence from tourism in Israel during the IntifadaFielding, David; Shortland, Anja
2004 The Impact of Monetary Union on Macroeconomic Integration: Evidence from West AfricaFielding, David; Shields, Kalvinder
2004 The Characteristics of Macroeconomic Shocks in the CFA Franc ZoneFielding, David; Lee, Kevin; Shields, Kalvinder
2004 How Does Monetary Policy Affect the Poor? Evidence from the West African Economic and Monetary UnionFielding, David
2004 Modelling macroeconomic linkages in a monetary union: A West African exampleFielding, David; Lee, Kevin; Shields, Kalvinder
2005 The volatility of aidFielding, David; Mavrotas, George
2006 A wider approach to aid effectiveness: Correlated impacts on health, wealth, fertility and educationFielding, David; McGillivray, Mark; Torres, Sebastian
2007 Aid and Dutch disease in the South PacificFielding, David
2010 Foreign interventions and abuse of civilians during the Peruvian civil warFielding, David; Shortland, Anja
2010 How do tourists react to political violence? An empirical analysis of tourism in EgyptFielding, David; Shortland, Anja
2012 A model of aid and Dutch Disease in Sub-Saharan AfricaFielding, David; Gibson, Fred
2012 Aid and Dutch disease in Sub-Saharan AfricaFielding, David; Gibson, Fred
2014 Ethnic Fractionalization, Governance and Loan Defaults in AfricaAndrianova, Svetlana; Baltagi, Badi H.; Demetriades, Panicos; Fielding, David
2017 Price-level dispersion versus inflation-rate dispersion: Evidence from three countriesFielding, David; Hajzler, Christopher; MacGee, James
2018 Health shocks and child time allocation decisions by households: Evidence from EthiopiaDinku, Yonatan; Fielding, David; Genç, Murat