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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Poland's Accession to the European Union: Demand for Protection of Selected Sensitive ProductsFidrmuc, Jarko; Huber, Peter; Michalek, Jan Jakub
1999 Verification of the new trade theory in EU's trade with CEECs: Evidence from panel data 1990 - 1997Fidrmuc, Jarko
1999 Stability of monetary unions: Lessons from the break-up of CzechoslovakiaFidrmuc, Jan; Horvath, Julius; Fidrmuc, Jarko
2000 Integration, disintegration and trade in Europe: Evolution of trade relations during the 1990sFidrmuc, Jarko; Fidrmuc, Jan
2000 Integration, Disintegration and Trade in Europe: Evolution of Trade Relations During the 1990sFidrmuc, Jarko; Fidrmuc, Jan
2001 Disintegration and TradeFidrmuc, Jarko; Fidrmuc, Jan
2001 The Endogeneity of the Optimum Currency Area Criteria, Intraindustry Trade, and EMU EnlargementFidrmuc, Jarko
2001 Disintegration and tradeFidrmuc, Jarko; Fidrmuc, Jan
2001 Similarity of supply and demand shocks between the euro area and the accession countriesFidrmuc, Jarko; Korhonen, Iikka
2001 The endogeneity of optimum currency area criteria, intraindustry trade and EMU enlargementFidrmuc, Jarko
2002 Price Dynamics in Central and Eastern European EU AccessionBacké, Peter; Fidrmuc, Jarko; Reininger, Thomas; Schardax, Franz
2003 The euro goes East: Implications of the 2000-2002 economic slowdown for synchronisation of business cycles between the euro area and CEECsFidrmuc, Jarko; Korhonen, Iikka
2003 The monetary approach to exchange rates in the CEECsCrespo Cuaresma, Jesús; Fidrmuc, Jarko; MacDonald, Ronald
2004 A meta-analysis of business cycle correlation between the euro area and CEECs: What do we know - and who cares?Fidrmuc, Jarko; Korhonen, Iikka
2005 Trade integration of Central and Eastern European countries: lessons from a gravity modelBussière, Matthieu; Fidrmuc, Jarko; Schnatz, Bernd
2005 Trade Integration of Central and Eastern European Countries: Lessons from a Gravity ModelBussière, Matthieu; Fidrmuc, Jarko; Schnatz, Bernd
2006 Money Demand and Disinflation in Selected CEECs during the Accession to the EUFidrmuc, Jarko
2006 Meta-analysis of the business cycle correlation between the Euro Area and the CEECsFidrmuc, Jarko; Korhonen, Iikka
2006 Fundamentals and technical trading: behaviour of exchange rates in the CEECsBask, Mikael; Fidrmuc, Jarko
2006 Erweiterung der Eurozone: Welche Auswirkungen hat dies auf die europäische Wirtschaft?Randzio-Plath, Christa; Hefeker, Carsten; Fidrmuc, Jarko; Schnabl, Gunther; Remsperger, Hermann