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1999 Stability of monetary unions: Lessons from the break-up of CzechoslovakiaFidrmuc, Jan; Horvath, Julius; Fidrmuc, Jarko
2000 Integration, disintegration and trade in Europe: Evolution of trade relations during the 1990sFidrmuc, Jarko; Fidrmuc, Jan
2000 Liberalization, democracy and economic performance during transitionFidrmuc, Jan
2001 Democracy in transition economies: Grease or sand in the wheels of growth?Fidrmuc, Jan
2001 Disintegration and TradeFidrmuc, Jarko; Fidrmuc, Jan
2001 Disintegration and tradeFidrmuc, Jarko; Fidrmuc, Jan
2001 Migration and adjustment to shocks in transition economiesFidrmuc, Jan
2001 Democracy in transition economies: Grease or sand in the wheels of growth?Fidrmuc, Jan
2004 Labor mobility during transition: evidence from the Czech RepublicFidrmuc, Jan
2004 Who is in favor of enlargement? Determinants of support for EU membership in the candidate countries' referendaDoyle, Orla; Fidrmuc, Jan
2005 Voice of the diaspora: An analysis of migrant voting behaviorFidrmuc, Jan; Doyle, Orla
2006 Who Is Willing to Migrate in the CEECS? Evidence From the Czech RepublicHuber, Peter; Fidrmuc, Jan
2007 The Willingness to Migrate in the CEECs. Evidence from the Czech RepublicFidrmuc, Jan; Huber, Peter
2009 Anthropometry of love - height and gender asymmetries in interethnic marriagesBelot, Michèle; Fidrmuc, Jan
2010 Civil society, institutional change and the politics of reform: The great transitionBruszt, László; Campos, Nauro F.; Fidrmuc, Jan; Roland, Gérard
2012 Reform, uncertainty and spillovers: A gravity model approachFidrmuc, Jan; Karaja, Elira; Tichit, Ariane
2012 Government spending shocks and the multiplier: New evidence from the US based on natural disastersYang, Weonho; Fidrmuc, Jan; Ghosh, Sugata
2012 How i learned to stop worrying and love the crisisFidrmuc, Jan; Tichit, Ariane
2012 Macroeconomic effects of government spending shocks: New evidence using natural disaster relief in KoreaYang, Weonho; Fidrmuc, Jan; Ghosh, Sugata
2013 Unemployment, Growth and Speed of Transition in ChinaFidrmuc, Jan; Huang, Shuo